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All Will Be Revealed by Diamond Head [2005] [album editions]

All Will Be Revealed (Diamond Head)

Track listing

1Mine All Mine
2Give It to Me
4Fallen Angel
6Lost at Sea
7Broken Pieces
8All Will Be Revealed
9Dead or Living
10Drinkin Again
11Come Alive
12Muddy Waters

Diamond Head albums

1All Will Be Revealed[ 2005 ]
2Behold the Beginning[ 1986 ]
3Borrowed Time[ 1982 ]
4Canterbury[ 1983 ]
5Death & Progress[ 1993 ]
6Evil Live[ 1994 ]
7It's Electric[ 2006 ]
8Lightning to the Nations[ 1980 ]
9Live – In the Heat of the Night[ 2000 ]
10To Heaven From Hell[ 1997 ]
11What's in Your Head[ 2007 ]
1All Will Be Revealed (Diamond Head)
2Behold the Beginning (Diamond Head)
3Borrowed Time (Diamond Head)
4Canterbury (Diamond Head)
5Death & Progress (Diamond Head)
6Evil Live (Diamond Head)
7It's Electric (Diamond Head)
8Lightning to the Nations (Diamond Head)
9Live – In the Heat of the Night (Diamond Head)
10To Heaven From Hell (Diamond Head)
11What's in Your Head (Diamond Head)

Diamond Head songs

61It's Electric [from the "Behold the Beginning"]03:37
62Killing Me [from the "What's in Your Head"]06:29
63Kiss of Fire [from the "Evil Live"]02:58
64Knight of the Swords [from the "Canterbury"]06:50
65Let Me Down Easy [from the "Evil Live"]03:52
66Let Me Down Easy [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]03:49
67Lighting To The Nations [from the "Borrowed Time"]04:09
68Lightning The Nation [from the "It's Electric"]04:15
69Lightning to the Nations [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]04:14
70Lightning to the Nations [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]03:45
71Lost at Sea [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]03:59
72Makin' Music [from the "Canterbury"]03:51
73Makin' Music [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]06:05
74Medley: Helpless/My generaton/Oh well/Hocus Pocus/Riff raff/It's electric [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]08:34
75Mine All Mine [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:06
76Mine All Mine [from the "It's Electric"]04:17
77Muddy Waters [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:35
78Nightmare [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]03:42
79Nothing To Loose [from the "What's in Your Head"]04:32
80One More Night [from the "Canterbury"]04:11
81Out of Phase [from the "Canterbury"]03:32
82Paradise [from the "Death & Progress"]03:37
83Play It Loud [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]03:31
84Play It Loud [from the "Behold the Beginning"]03:20
85Pray For Me [from the "What's in Your Head"]04:24
86Reign Supreme [from the "What's in Your Head"]04:59
87Rock The Nation [from the "Evil Live"]02:58
88Run [from the "Death & Progress"]04:43
89Run [from the "Evil Live"]04:52
90Run [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]05:21
91She Comes Down [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]03:59
92Shoot Out The Lights [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]04:17
93Shoot Out The Lights [from the "Behold the Beginning"]04:07
94Skin On Skin [from the "What's in Your Head"]04:08
95Starcrossed (Lovers Of The Night) [from the "Death & Progress"]04:28
96Streets Of Gold [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]03:34
97Streets of Gold [from the "Behold the Beginning"]03:34
98Streets Of Gold [from the "It's Electric"]03:56
99Sucking My Love [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]09:30
100Sucking My Love [from the "Behold the Beginning"]09:32
101Sucking My Love [from the "Evil Live"]05:31
102Sucking My Love [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]07:55
103Sucking My Love [from the "It's Electric"]05:32
104Sweet And Innocent [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]03:13
105Sweet and Innocent [from the "Behold the Beginning"]03:37
106Sweet Silence [from the "Evil Live"]04:46
107The Kingmaker [from the "Canterbury"]04:11
108The Prince [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]06:26
109The Prince [from the "Behold the Beginning"]06:13
110The Prince [from the "It's Electric"]06:55
111This Flight Tonight [from the "Evil Live"]03:33
112This Planet And Me [from the "What's in Your Head"]04:56
113To Heaven From Hell [from the "Borrowed Time"]06:14
114To Heaven From Hell [from the "Evil Live"]05:53
115To Heaven From Hell [from the "To Heaven From Hell"]06:33
116To Heaven From Hell [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]05:56
117To the Devil His Due [from the "Canterbury"]06:00
118To The Devil His Due [from the "Evil Live"]06:14
119To The Devil His Due [from the "It's Electric"]05:17
120Tonight [from the "What's in Your Head"]03:30

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head are a British heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England.

The band is recognised as one of the leading members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and is acknowledged by later bands like Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Hard rock
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