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To Heaven From Hell by Diamond Head [1997] [album editions]

To Heaven From Hell (Diamond Head)

Track listing

1Dead Reckoning
2Heat Of The Night
3Borrowed Time
4Don't You Ever Leave Me
5To Heaven From Hell

Diamond Head albums

1All Will Be Revealed[ 2005 ]
2Behold the Beginning[ 1986 ]
3Borrowed Time[ 1982 ]
4Canterbury[ 1983 ]
5Death & Progress[ 1993 ]
6Evil Live[ 1994 ]
7It's Electric[ 2006 ]
8Lightning to the Nations[ 1980 ]
9Live – In the Heat of the Night[ 2000 ]
10To Heaven From Hell[ 1997 ]
11What's in Your Head[ 2007 ]
1All Will Be Revealed (Diamond Head)
2Behold the Beginning (Diamond Head)
3Borrowed Time (Diamond Head)
4Canterbury (Diamond Head)
5Death & Progress (Diamond Head)
6Evil Live (Diamond Head)
7It's Electric (Diamond Head)
8Lightning to the Nations (Diamond Head)
9Live – In the Heat of the Night (Diamond Head)
10To Heaven From Hell (Diamond Head)
11What's in Your Head (Diamond Head)

Diamond Head songs

1Alimony [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]03:14
2Alimony [from the "It's Electric"]03:40
3All Will Be Revealed [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:00
4Am I Evil? [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]07:42
5Am I Evil? [from the "Borrowed Time"]07:21
6Am I Evil? [from the "Behold the Beginning"]07:44
7Am I Evil? [from the "Evil Live"]07:00
8Am I Evil? [from the "It's Electric"]09:46
9Am I Evil? (Intro) [from the "It's Electric"]01:38
10Borrowed Time [from the "Borrowed Time"]07:39
11Borrowed Time [from the "To Heaven From Hell"]06:51
12Borrowed Time [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]06:08
13Broken Pieces [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:54
14Call Me [from the "Borrowed Time"]03:54
15Calling Out [from the "What's in Your Head"]03:47
16Calling Your Name [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]04:29
17Calling Your Name (The Light) [from the "Death & Progress"]04:06
18Canterbury [from the "Canterbury"]04:57
19Come Alive [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:49
20Damnation Street [from the "Death & Progress"]03:18
21Dead or Living [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:31
22Dead Reckoning [from the "To Heaven From Hell"]06:30
23Dead Reckoning(Extended Version) [from the "Borrowed Time"]06:26
24Dead Reckoning(Single Version) [from the "Borrowed Time"]03:32
25Diamond Lights [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]03:31
26Dont You Ever Leave Me [from the "Borrowed Time"]07:56
27Don't You Ever Leave Me [from the "To Heaven From Hell"]05:43
28Don't You Ever Leave Me(Single Version) [from the "Borrowed Time"]05:41
29Drinkin Again [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]01:52
30Dust [from the "Death & Progress"]04:18
31Dust [from the "Evil Live"]04:36
32Fallen Angel [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]04:10
33Fallen Angel [from the "It's Electric"]04:09
34Feels Good [from the "Evil Live"]03:07
35Feels Good [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]03:22
36Give It to Me [from the "All Will Be Revealed"]03:05
37Give It To Me [from the "It's Electric"]03:44
38Good Lovin' Gone Bad [from the "Evil Live"]03:44
39Good Rockin' Tonight [from the "Evil Live"]02:36
40Heat Of The Night [from the "To Heaven From Hell"]05:59
41Helpless [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]06:54
42Helpless [from the "Behold the Beginning"]06:48
43Helpless [from the "Evil Live"]03:05
44Helpless [from the "It's Electric"]08:35
45Home [from the "Death & Progress"]04:41
46Home [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]03:39
47I Can't Help Myself [from the "Death & Progress"]03:37
48I Can't Help Myself [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]03:42
49I Can't Help Myself [from the "It's Electric"]03:38
50I Don't Got [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]04:20
51I Feel No Pain [from the "What's in Your Head"]04:50
52I Need Your Love [from the "Canterbury"]03:02
53In The Heat Of The Night [from the "Borrowed Time"]04:58
54In The Heat Of The Night [from the "It's Electric"]05:50
55In The Heat Of The Night(Extended Version) [from the "Borrowed Time"]05:54
56In The Heat Of The Night(Single Version) [from the "Borrowed Time"]03:19
57In the Hheat of the Night [from the "Live – In the Heat of the Night"]04:54
58Ishmael [from the "Canterbury"]04:00
59Its Electric [from the "It's Electric"]04:23
60It's Electric [from the "Lightning to the Nations"]03:37

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head are a British heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England.

The band is recognised as one of the leading members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and is acknowledged by later bands like Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Hard rock
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