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Everything and Nothing by David Sylvian [2000] [album editions]

Everything and Nothing (David Sylvian)

Track listing

1The scent of magnolia
2Heartbeat [Tainai Kaiki II]
4Albuqerque [Dobro #6]
6The golden way
8Pop song
9God's monkey
10Let the happiness in
11I surrender
12Thoroughly lost to logic
13Jean the birdman
14Cover me with flowers
15The boy with the gun
17Aparna and Nimisha [Dobro #5]
18Midnight sun
20Some kind of fool
21Cries and whispers
23Laughter and forgetting
25Weathered wall
26Bamboo houses
27Come morning
28The scent of magnolia (edit)
29The blinding light of heaven
30The scent of magnolia (Portobello mix)
31Brilliant trees (version 2000)

David Sylvian albums

1Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities[ 1985 ]
2Blemish[ 2003 ]
3Brilliant Trees[ 1993 ]
4Camphor[ 2002 ]
5Damage[ 2001 ]
6Dead Bees on a Cake[ 1999 ]
7Everything and Nothing[ 2000 ]
8Gone to Earth[ 1986 ]
9Rain Tree Crow[ 1991 ]
10Secrets of the Beehive[ 1987 ]
11The First Day (David Sylvian & Robert Fripp)[ 1993 ]
1Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities (David Sylvian)
2Blemish (David Sylvian)
3Brilliant Trees (David Sylvian)
4Camphor (David Sylvian)
5Damage (David Sylvian)
6Dead Bees on a Cake (David Sylvian)
7Everything and Nothing (David Sylvian)
8Gone to Earth (David Sylvian)
9Rain Tree Crow (David Sylvian)
10Secrets of the Beehive (David Sylvian)
11The First Day (David Sylvian & Robert Fripp) (David Sylvian)

David Sylvian songs

61Laughter and Forgetting [from the "Gone to Earth"]02:40
62Laughter and forgetting [from the "Everything and Nothing"]02:33
63Let the happiness in [from the "Everything and Nothing"]05:35
64Let the Happiness In [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]05:37
65Maria [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]02:50
66Midnight sun [from the "Everything and Nothing"]04:02
67Midnight Sun [from the "Dead Bees on a Cake"]04:02
68Mother and Child [from the "Camphor"]04:03
69Mother and Child [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]03:15
70Mutability (A New Beginning Is in the Offing) Detail [from the "Camphor"]05:31
71New Moon at Red Deer Wallow [from the "Camphor"]05:14
72New Moon at Red Deer Wallow [from the "Rain Tree Crow"]05:13
73Nostalgia [from the "Brilliant Trees"]05:42
74Orpheus [from the "Everything and Nothing"]04:48
75Orpheus [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]04:51
76Plight (The Spiralling of Winter Ghosts) [from the "Camphor"]16:35
77Plight (The Spiralling of Winter Ghosts) Detail [from the "Camphor"]02:31
78Pocket Full of Change [from the "Rain Tree Crow"]06:08
79Pollen Path [from the "Dead Bees on a Cake"]03:25
80Pop song [from the "Everything and Nothing"]04:34
81Praise [from the "Dead Bees on a Cake"]04:02
82Praise (Pratah Smarami) [from the "Camphor"]03:55
83Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel) [from the "Camphor"]16:34
84Promise [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]03:27
85Pt.1 Ancient Evening [from the "Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities"]05:14
86Pt.2 Incantation [from the "Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities"]03:30
87Pt.3 Awakening - Songs from the Treetops [from the "Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities"]05:21
88Pulling Punches [from the "Brilliant Trees"]05:02
89Rain Tree Crow [from the "Rain Tree Crow"]02:04
90Red Earth (As Summertime Ends) [from the "Camphor"]03:34
91Red Earth (as summertime ends) [from the "Rain Tree Crow"]03:38
92Red Guitar [from the "Brilliant Trees"]05:09
93Ride [from the "Everything and Nothing"]08:00
94Riverman [from the "Gone to Earth"]04:53
95Riverman [from the "Everything and Nothing"]04:56
96Riverman [from the "Damage"]04:58
97Scratchings on the Bible Belt [from the "Rain Tree Crow"]02:46
98September [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]01:18
99She Is Not [from the "Blemish"]00:45
100Silver moon [from the "Gone to Earth"]06:07
101Some kind of fool [from the "Everything and Nothing"]07:31
102Steel Cathedrals [from the "Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities"]18:55
103Taking the Veil [from the "Gone to Earth"]04:40
104Thalhiem [from the "Dead Bees on a Cake"]06:09
105The blinding light of heaven [from the "Everything and Nothing"]04:42
106The boy with the gun [from the "Everything and Nothing"]05:15
107The Boy With the Gun [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]05:19
108The Devil's Own [from the "Secrets of the Beehive"]03:12
109The First Day [from the "Damage"]05:23
110The golden way [from the "Everything and Nothing"]06:01
111The Good Son [from the "Blemish"]05:25
112The Healing Place [from the "Camphor"]04:52
113The Heart Knows Better [from the "Blemish"]07:51
114The Ink in the Well [from the "Brilliant Trees"]04:30
115The Only Daughter [from the "Blemish"]05:28
116The scent of magnolia [from the "Everything and Nothing"]05:36
117The scent of magnolia (edit) [from the "Everything and Nothing"]05:04
118The scent of magnolia (Portobello mix) [from the "Everything and Nothing"]05:42
119The Shining of Things [from the "Dead Bees on a Cake"]03:10
120The Song Which Gives the Key to Perfection [from the "Camphor"]05:52

David Sylvian

David Sylvian

David Sylvian (born David Alan Batt, 23 February 1958, Beckenham, Kent) is an English singer-songwriter and musician.

He came to prominence in the late 1970s as the lead vocalist and main songwriter in the group Japan. []


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