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Trust in Trance by Astral Projection [1996] [album editions]

Trust in Trance (Astral Projection)

Track listing

2Enlightened Evolution
3The Feelings
5Black And White
6People Can Fly
7Radial Blur
8Aurora Borealis
9Still Dreaming

Astral Projection albums

1Another World[ 1999 ]
2Dancing Galaxy[ 1997 ]
3In the Mix[ 2000 ]
4Mahadeva[ 1996 ]
5The Astral Files[ 1996 ]
6Trust in Trance[ 1996 ]
1Another World (Astral Projection)
2Dancing Galaxy (Astral Projection)
3In the Mix (Astral Projection)
4Mahadeva (Astral Projection)
5The Astral Files (Astral Projection)
6Trust in Trance (Astral Projection)

Astral Projection songs

1Ambience [from the "The Astral Files"]07:39
2Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley mix) [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]13:41
3Another World [from the "Another World"] 
4Aqua Line Spirit [from the "Another World"]08:34
5Aurora Borealis [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
6Axis v. 0.99 [from the "In the Mix"]08:14
7Black And White [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
8Cosmic Ascension (feat. DJ Jorg) [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]10:17
9Dancing Galaxy [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]09:15
10Dancing Galaxy (Remix) [from the "In the Mix"]08:28
11Electronic [from the "The Astral Files"]09:03
12Electrostatic [from the "In the Mix"] 
13Enlightened Evolution [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
14Enlightened Evolution (Remix) [from the "The Astral Files"]07:19
15Flying Into A Star [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]09:44
16Flying Into A Star (Ast-roid Mix) [from the "In the Mix"]09:52
17Free Tibet [from the "The Astral Files"]07:39
18Free Tibet (Free Spirit Remix) [from the "In the Mix"]07:44
19Ionised [from the "The Astral Files"]07:22
20Kabalah [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
21Kabalah (New Age Mix) [from the "The Astral Files"]09:04
22Life On Mars [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]09:07
23Life On Mars (Domestic Remix) [from the "In the Mix"]11:23
24Liquid Sun [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]10:58
25Mahadeva [from the "Mahadeva"]09:26
26Maian Dream [from the "The Astral Files"]07:01
27Nilaya [from the "Another World"] 
28No One Ever Dreams [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]08:23
29People Can Fly [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
30Radial Blur [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
31Searching For UFOs [from the "Another World"] 
32Searching For UFOs (Mission Remix) [from the "In the Mix"]09:46
33Soundform [from the "Dancing Galaxy"]08:10
34Still Dreaming [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
35Still On Mars [from the "Another World"]07:32
36The Feelings [from the "Trust in Trance"] 
37Time Began With The Universe (The End Of Time Mix) [from the "The Astral Files"]07:23
38Trance Dance (1) [from the "Another World"] 
39Trance Dance (2) [from the "Another World"] 
40Tryptomine Dream [from the "Another World"] 
41Utopia [from the "Trust in Trance"]09:37
42Utopia (Concept Remix) [from the "The Astral Files"]07:47
43Virtual Booster [from the "In the Mix"]07:50
44Visions Of Nasca [from the "Another World"] 
45Zero [from the "The Astral Files"]05:55

Astral Projection

Astral Projection

Astral Projection are an electronic musical group producing Psytrance music.

They are based in Israel. Its members are Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter, although they started out with Yaniv Haviv and Guy Sabbag as well. In addition to an extensive discography, the group has an extensive worldwide touring schedule.


  • Electronic music
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