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Manic Impressions by Anacrusis [1991] [album editions]

Manic Impressions (Anacrusis)

Track listing

1Paint a Picture
2I Love the World
3Something Real
4Dream Again
5Explained Away
6Still Black
7What You Became
8Our Reunion
9Idle Hours
10Far Too Long

Anacrusis albums

1Manic Impressions[ 1991 ]
2Reason[ 1990 ]
3Screams and Whispers[ 1993 ]
4Suffering Hour[ 1988 ]
1Manic Impressions (Anacrusis)
2Reason (Anacrusis)
3Screams and Whispers (Anacrusis)
4Suffering Hour (Anacrusis)

Anacrusis songs

1A Screaming Breath [from the "Screams and Whispers"]04:19
2A World to Gain [from the "Suffering Hour"]04:04
3Afraid to Feel [from the "Reason"]06:25
4Annihilation Complete/Disemboweled [from the "Suffering Hour"]04:41
5Brotherhood? [from the "Screams and Whispers"]06:51
6Butcher's Block [from the "Suffering Hour"]06:06
7Child Inside [from the "Reason"]04:26
8Division [from the "Screams and Whispers"]04:38
9Dream Again [from the "Manic Impressions"]03:20
10Driven [from the "Screams and Whispers"]05:51
11Explained Away [from the "Manic Impressions"]06:01
12Far Too Long [from the "Manic Impressions"]05:50
13Fighting Evil [from the "Suffering Hour"]03:26
14Frigid Bitch [from the "Suffering Hour"]04:03
15Grateful [from the "Screams and Whispers"]05:13
16I Love the World [from the "Manic Impressions"]04:49
17Idle Hours [from the "Manic Impressions"]04:36
18Imprisoned [from the "Suffering Hour"]06:11
19Injustice [from the "Reason"]05:39
20Killing My Mind [from the "Reason"]05:52
21Misshapen Intent [from the "Reason"]04:24
22Munsters (theme) [from the "Suffering Hour"]01:03
23My Soul's Affliction [from the "Screams and Whispers"]04:30
24N.I.B. [from the "Suffering Hour"]04:29
25Not Forgotten [from the "Reason"]05:51
26Our Reunion [from the "Manic Impressions"]04:53
27Paint a Picture [from the "Manic Impressions"]05:57
28Present Tense [from the "Suffering Hour"]06:22
29Quick to Doubt [from the "Reason"]04:37
30R.O.T. [from the "Suffering Hour"]04:51
31Release [from the "Screams and Whispers"]04:19
32Release [Remix] [from the "Screams and Whispers"]04:16
33Sense of Will [from the "Screams and Whispers"]04:52
34Silent Crime [from the "Reason"]04:51
35Something Real [from the "Manic Impressions"]05:59
36Sound the Alarm [from the "Screams and Whispers"]05:39
37Still Black [from the "Manic Impressions"]06:08
38Stop Me [from the "Reason"]06:17
39Terrified [from the "Reason"]04:54
40Too Many Prophets [from the "Screams and Whispers"]05:27
41Tools of Separation [from the "Screams and Whispers"]06:10
42Twisted Cross [from the "Suffering Hour"]07:20
43Vital [from the "Reason"]05:09
44What You Became [from the "Manic Impressions"]05:10
45Wrong [from the "Reason"]05:40
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