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Shake Off the Dust... Arise by Matisyahu [2004] [album editions]

Shake Off the Dust...  Arise (Matisyahu)

Track listing

1Chop 'em Down
2Tzama L'chol Nafshi
3Got No Water
4King Without a Crown
5Interlude (1)
6Father in the Forest
7Interlude (2)
8Aish Tamid
9Short Nigun
11Close My Eyes
12Interlude (3)

Matisyahu albums

1Light[ 2009 ]
2Live at Stubb's[ 2006 ]
3Shake Off the Dust... Arise[ 2004 ]
4Shattered[ 2008 ]
5Youth[ 2006 ]
6Youth Dub[ 2006 ]
1Light (Matisyahu)
2Live at Stubb's (Matisyahu)
3Shake Off the Dust...  Arise (Matisyahu)
4Shattered (Matisyahu)
5Youth (Matisyahu)
6Youth Dub (Matisyahu)

Matisyahu songs

1Aish Tamid [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]06:48
2Aish Tamid [from the "Live at Stubb's"]06:55
3Ancient Lullaby [from the "Youth"]04:18
4Beat Box [from the "Live at Stubb's"]05:05
5Candle [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]06:22
6Chop 'em Down [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]05:46
7Chop 'Em Down [from the "Live at Stubb's"]04:03
8Chop 'em Down Dub [from the "Youth Dub"]05:59
9Close My Eyes [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]04:55
10Close My Eyes [from the "Live at Stubb's"]04:24
11Darkness Into Light [from the "Light"]02:54
12Daughters Dub [from the "Youth Dub"]04:05
13Dispatch The Troops [from the "Youth"]04:05
14Dub Warrior [from the "Youth Dub"]05:39
15Escape [from the "Light"]03:27
16Exaltation [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]05:04
17Exaltation [from the "Live at Stubb's"]06:57
18Father in the Forest [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]04:59
19Fire & Dub [from the "Youth Dub"]06:36
20Fire and Heights [from the "Live at Stubb's"]04:20
21Fire of Heaven Dub [from the "Youth Dub"]04:01
22Fire of Heaven/Altar Of Earth [from the "Youth"]03:59
23For You [from the "Light"]03:29
24Got No Water [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]05:53
25Heights [from the "Live at Stubb's"]03:24
26I Will Be Light [from the "Light"]03:35
27I Will Be Light [from the "Shattered"]03:35
28Indestructible [from the "Youth"]04:09
29Interlude [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]00:23
30Interlude (1) [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]00:55
31Interlude (2) [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]00:17
32Interlude (3) [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]00:17
33Jerusalem [from the "Youth"]04:00
34King Without a Crown [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]05:19
35King Without a Crown [from the "Youth"]03:42
36King Without a Crown [from the "Live at Stubb's"]04:48
37Late Night In Zion [from the "Youth"]03:13
38Lord Raise Me Up [from the "Live at Stubb's"]03:52
39Motivate [from the "Light"]04:21
40Nigun [from the "Youth Dub"]04:08
41On Nature [from the "Light"]03:45
42One Day (New Album Version) [from the "Light"]03:27
43One Woman [from the "Youth Dub"]04:21
44Outro [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]02:11
45Refuge [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]03:28
46Refuge [from the "Live at Stubb's"]04:02
47Sea to Sea [from the "Live at Stubb's"]04:07
48Shalom/Saalam [from the "Youth"]01:06
49Short Nigun [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]01:46
50Silence [from the "Light"]04:11
51Smash Lies [from the "Light"]03:25
52Smash Lies [from the "Shattered"]03:26
53So Hi So Lo [from the "Light"]03:42
54So High So Low [from the "Shattered"]03:43
55Spark Seekers [from the "Youth Dub"]05:01
56Struggla [from the "Light"]03:46
57Thunder [from the "Light"]02:55
58Time Of Your Song [from the "Youth"]04:27
59Two Child One Drop [from the "Shattered"]06:04
60Tzama L'chol Nafshi [from the "Shake Off the Dust... Arise"]01:50



Matthew Paul Miller, known by his stage name Matisyahu, is Jewish American reggae vocalist and alternative rock musician. []


  • Reggae,
  • Reggae fusion,
  • Dancehall,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Alternative hip hop
  • King Without a Crown by Matisyahu

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