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In Conrtol (Vol. 2) by Marley Marl [1991]

In Conrtol (Vol. 2) (Marley Marl)

Track listing

2No Bullshit (ft Marley Marl)
3The Symphony, Pt II (ft. Masta Ace, Craig G., Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & Little Daddy)
4Level Check
5Buffalo Soldier (ft. MC Amazing)
6Mobil Phone
7At The Drop Of A Dime (ft. MC Cash)
8Scanning The Dial
9Something Funky To Listen To (ft. Nexx Phase)
10America Eats The Young (ft. Tragedy The Intelligent Hoodlum & Chuck D)
11Check The Mirror (ft. Portia)
12I Be Getting Busy (ft. L.L. Cool)
13Girl, I Was Wrong (ft. The Flex)
14Fools In Love(ft. Heavy D & Eclipse)
15Another Hooker ft. Big Money Wiz)
16Cheatin' Days Are Over (ft. Mike Nice)
17Reach Out (ft. Perfection)
18Keep Control (ft. Def Jeff, ...)
19Sweet Toth (ft. Pure Cane Sugar)
20Out For The Count (ft. Kevy Kev & Ak B)

Marley Marl albums

1Hip Hop Dictionary[ 2000 ]
2Hip Hop Lives[ 2007 ]
3In Conrtol (Vol. 2)[ 1991 ]
4In Control (Vol. 1)[ 1988 ]
5Re-Entry[ 2001 ]
6The Queensbridge Sessions[ 1996 ]
1Hip Hop Dictionary (Marley Marl)
2Hip Hop Lives (Marley Marl)
3In Conrtol (Vol. 2) (Marley Marl)
4In Control (Vol. 1) (Marley Marl)
5Re-Entry (Marley Marl)
6The Queensbridge Sessions (Marley Marl)

Marley Marl songs

1All Skool [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]04:04
2America Eats The Young (ft. Tragedy The Intelligent Hoodlum & Chuck D) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]03:45
3Another Hooker ft. Big Money Wiz) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]03:28
4At The Drop Of A Dime (ft. MC Cash) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]03:00
5Beat You Down [from the "The Queensbridge Sessions"]05:01
6Big Faces [from the "Re-Entry"]02:43
7Buffalo Soldier (ft. MC Amazing) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]02:38
8Cheatin' Days Are Over (ft. Mike Nice) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]02:53
9Check The Mirror (ft. Portia) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]03:04
10Do U Remember [from the "Re-Entry"]01:18
11Droppin' Science (ft. Craig G) [from the "In Control (Vol. 1)"]05:01
12Duck Alert (ft. Craig G.) [from the "In Control (Vol. 1)"]04:16
13Easy Type Shit (ft. Seven Shawn) [from the "Re-Entry"]05:25
14Fools In Love(ft. Heavy D & Eclipse) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]02:47
15Foundation Symphony (ft. Larry 0, Seven Shawn, J. Wells, Miss Man) [from the "Re-Entry"]03:29
16Freedom (ft. MC Shan) [from the "In Control (Vol. 1)"]04:29
17Funk Shit (Original Mix) [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]03:03
18Funk Shit (Remix Instrumental) [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]05:23
19Funk Shit f. Common [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]05:22
20Get-Get-Get It Now [from the "The Queensbridge Sessions"]05:51
21Girl, I Was Wrong (ft. The Flex) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]02:37
22Haters (ft. LL Cool J) [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]03:49
23Hip Hop History Part 1 [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]01:06
24Hip Hop History Part 2 [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]00:57
25Hip Hop History Part 3 [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]01:58
26Hip Hop History Part 4 [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]01:31
27Hip Hop Lives [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]02:51
28House Of hits (ft. Busy Bee) [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]04:30
29Hummin' (ft. Roy Ayers, Edwin Birdsong) [from the "Re-Entry"]05:08
30I Be Getting Busy (ft. L.L. Cool) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]04:46
31I Stink Cause I'm Funky (Human Beat Box Mix) [from the "The Queensbridge Sessions"]05:02
32I Was There [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]03:46
33I'm the Judge [from the "The Queensbridge Sessions"]05:12
34Intro [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]00:18
35Intro [from the "Re-Entry"]00:59
36Introduction [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]01:08
37It's Alive (Intro) [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]00:40
38Just Funky [from the "Re-Entry"]04:14
39Keep Control (ft. Def Jeff, ...) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]04:48
40Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (ft. Masta Ace & Action) [from the "In Control (Vol. 1)"]05:45
41Kill A Rapper [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]02:55
42Level Check [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]00:13
43Live Motivator (ft. Percy Tragedy) [from the "In Control (Vol. 1)"]04:48
44Live Ova Beats [from the "Re-Entry"]02:10
45Lost Beat [from the "Re-Entry"]03:45
46M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Skit) [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]01:29
47Mobil Phone [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]00:03
48Musika (ft. Magic Juan) [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]04:03
49No Bullshit (ft Marley Marl) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]03:26
50Nothing New [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]03:16
51NY, NY [from the "Re-Entry"]02:25
52Out For The Count (ft. Kevy Kev & Ak B) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]03:43
53Outro [from the "Hip Hop Dictionary"]01:32
54Over 30 [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]03:51
55Punk, What Ya Goin' to Do About It? [from the "The Queensbridge Sessions"]03:14
56Reach Out (ft. Perfection) [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]05:12
57Rising To The Top [from the "Hip Hop Lives"]03:28
58Scanning The Dial [from the "In Conrtol (Vol. 2)"]00:26
59Simon Says (ft. Masta Ace & Action) [from the "In Control (Vol. 1)"]04:03
60So Good (ft. J. Wells, Edwin Birdsong) [from the "Re-Entry"]03:14

Marley Marl

Marley Marl

Marlon Williams (born September 30, 1962) better known as Marley Marl, is an American DJ and record producer, who is considered one of the most important and influential hip-hop producers in the history of hip hop.


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