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The Glass Passenger by Jack's Mannequin [2008] [album editions]

The Glass Passenger (Jack's Mannequin)

Track listing

4American Love
5What Gets You Off
6Suicide Blonde
7Annie Use Your Telescope
8Drop Out - The So Unknown
9The Resolution
12Miss California

Jack's Mannequin albums

1Everything In Transit[ 2005 ]
2People and Things[ 2011 ]
3The Glass Passenger[ 2008 ]
1Everything In Transit (Jack's Mannequin)
2People and Things (Jack's Mannequin)
3The Glass Passenger (Jack's Mannequin)

Jack's Mannequin songs

1Amelia Jean [from the "People and Things"]02:54
2American Love [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:04
3Amy, I [from the "People and Things"]03:33
4Annie Use Your Telescope [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:29
5Bruised [from the "Everything In Transit"]04:07
6Casting Lines [from the "People and Things"]03:41
7Caves [from the "The Glass Passenger"]07:35
8Crashin [from the "The Glass Passenger"]04:10
9Dark Blue [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:49
10Drop Out - The So Unknown [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:23
11Hey Hey Hey (We're All Gonna Die) [from the "People and Things"]03:37
12Holiday From Real [from the "Everything In Transit"]02:57
13Hostage [from the "People and Things"]04:27
14I'm Ready [from the "Everything In Transit"]04:33
15Into The Airwaves [from the "Everything In Transit"]04:16
16Kill the Messenger [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:40
17La La Lie [from the "Everything In Transit"]04:30
18Lonely for Her [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:29
19MFEO Pt 1 Made For Each Other [from the "Everything In Transit"]02:27
20MFEO Pt 2 You Can Breathe [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:39
21Miss California [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:58
22Miss Delaney [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:52
23Mixed Tape [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:16
24My Racing Thoughts [from the "People and Things"]04:19
25Orphans [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:03
26People, Running [from the "People and Things"]03:40
27Platform Fire [from the "People and Things"]03:31
28Release Me [from the "People and Things"]03:16
29Rescued [from the "Everything In Transit"]03:48
30Restless Dream [from the "People and Things"]03:55
31Spinning [from the "The Glass Passenger"]02:53
32Suicide Blonde [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:23
33Swim [from the "The Glass Passenger"]05:17
34Television [from the "People and Things"]03:37
35The Resolution [from the "The Glass Passenger"]03:17
36What Gets You Off [from the "The Glass Passenger"]05:26

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Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin is an American rock band formed in 2004, originally hailing from Orange County, California.

The band began as a side project of Andrew McMahon, the frontman for Something Corporate, and is composed of guitarist Bobby Anderson, bassist Mikey "The Kid" Wagner, and drummer Jay McMillan. []


  • Piano rock,
  • Pop rock
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