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Climbing to New Lows by MGMT [2005]

Climbing to New Lows (MGMT)

Track listing

1Intro (Christmas From Space)
2We Care
3Money To Burn
4Hot Love Drama
5The Kids Quartet
6Kids (Afterschool Dance Megamix)
7Honey Bunny
9Grutu (Just Becuz)
10We Don't Care

MGMT albums

1Climbing to New Lows[ 2005 ]
2Congratulations[ 2010 ]
3Oracular Spectacular[ 2007 ]
1Climbing to New Lows (MGMT)
2Congratulations (MGMT)
3Oracular Spectacular (MGMT)

MGMT songs

14th Dimensional Transition [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]03:57
2Brian Eno [from the "Congratulations"]04:34
3Congratulations [from the "Congratulations"]03:59
4Electric Feel [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]03:48
5Flash Delirium [from the "Congratulations"]04:19
6Future Reflections [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]03:57
7Greyhoundredux [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]04:34
8Grutu (Just Becuz) [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]03:30
9Honey Bunny [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]04:21
10Hot Love Drama [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]04:10
11I Found a Whistle [from the "Congratulations"]03:43
12Intro (Christmas From Space) [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]01:27
13It's Working [from the "Congratulations"]04:09
14Kids [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]05:02
15Kids (Afterschool Dance Megamix) [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]06:06
16Lady Dada's Nightmare [from the "Congratulations"]04:34
17Money To Burn [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]03:24
18Of Moons, Birds & Monsters [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]04:45
19Pieces of What [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]02:43
20Siberian Breaks [from the "Congratulations"]12:20
21Someone's Missing [from the "Congratulations"]02:32
22Song for Dan Treacy [from the "Congratulations"]04:12
23The Handshake [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]03:38
24The Kids Quartet [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]02:17
25The Youth [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]03:47
26Time to Pretend [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]04:19
27We Care [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]05:02
28We Don't Care [from the "Climbing to New Lows"]03:56
29Weekend Wars [from the "Oracular Spectacular"]04:10

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MGMT is an American band based in Brooklyn, New York, consisting of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. []


  • Neo-Psychedelia,
  • New Wave,
  • Synthpop,
  • Progressive Rock
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