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Hard Core by Lil' Kim [1996] [album editions]

Hard Core (Lil' Kim)

Track listing

1Intro In A Minor
2Big Momma Thang (ft. Jay-Z))
3No Time
4Spend A Little Doe
5Take It!
6Crush On You
9Queen Bitch
11M.A.F.I.A. Land
12We Don't Need It (ft. Junior Mafia)
13Not Tonight
14Player Haters
15F*** You

Lil' Kim albums

1Black Friday[ 2011 ]
2Greatest Of All Time[ 2008 ]
3Hard Core[ 1996 ]
4La Bella Mafia[ 2003 ]
5The Naked Truth[ 2005 ]
6The Notorious K.I.M.[ 2000 ]
7Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins[ 2001 ]
1Black Friday (Lil' Kim)
2Greatest Of All Time (Lil' Kim)
3Hard Core (Lil' Kim)
4La Bella Mafia (Lil' Kim)
5The Naked Truth (Lil' Kim)
6The Notorious K.I.M. (Lil' Kim)
7Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins (Various artists)

Lil' Kim songs

1(When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now? (ft. Missy Elliott) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]03:12
22 Hatin Bitches Skit [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:02
36 Foot Tall [from the "Black Friday"]03:55
4All Good [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:31
5Answering Machine (Skit #1) [from the "The Naked Truth"]02:27
6Answering Machine (Skit #2) [from the "The Naked Truth"]02:23
7Aunt Dot (ft. Lil Shanice) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]05:25
8Big Momma Thang (ft. Jay-Z)) [from the "Hard Core"]04:17
9Black Friday [from the "Black Friday"]05:01
10Buy U Music (ft. Keri Hilson) [from the "Black Friday"]02:46
11Came Back For You [from the "La Bella Mafia"]04:20
12Can't Fuck with Queen Bee (ft. Governor and Shelene Thomas with Full Force) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]04:58
13Champagne Poppin’ (ft. Wiz Khalifa) [from the "Black Friday"]04:23
14Cheating (ft. Rihanna) [from the "Black Friday"]04:31
15Chillin Tonite [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]04:20
16Clap, Clap (ft. I.R.S.) [from the "Black Friday"]03:46
17Crush On You [from the "Hard Core"]04:35
18Custom Made (Give It To You) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]03:06
19Do What You Like (ft. Junior M.A.F.I.A. & Lil Cease) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]05:16
20Doing It Way Big [from the "La Bella Mafia"]04:00
21Don't Mess With Me [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:48
22Dreams [from the "Hard Core"]04:39
23Drugs [from the "Hard Core"]04:20
24Durty [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:10
25Exclusive Radio Interview [from the "Black Friday"]16:15
26F*** You [from the "Hard Core"]02:53
27Faded (ft. Red Café & Rick Ross) [from the "Black Friday"]03:37
28Freaky Gurl (Remix) feat Gucci Mane [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]04:39
29Fuck You [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:55
30Get In Touch with Us (ft. Styles P) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]03:47
31Get Yours (ft. T.I. and Sha-Dash) [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:08
32Gimme Brain [from the "Black Friday"]02:58
33Gimme That (ft. Maino) [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:27
34Grindin’ Makin’ Money (ft. Birdman & Nicki Minaj) [from the "Black Friday"]03:37
35Heavenly Father (ft. Hillary Weston) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]05:07
36Hold It Now (ft. Havoc) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]05:25
37Hold On [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]06:06
38Hollyhood (Skit) [from the "La Bella Mafia"]00:51
39How Many Licks (ft. Sisqo) [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]03:52
40Hustle Hard [from the "Black Friday"]01:54
41I Get It [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:20
42I Know You See Me [from the "The Naked Truth"]03:53
43I'm Human [from the "The Notorious K.I.M."]04:22
44In The Air Tonite - Lil' Kim [from the "Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins"] 
45Intro [from the "Black Friday"]02:07
46Intro [from the "The Naked Truth"]00:38
47Intro [from the "La Bella Mafia"]01:25
48Intro In A Minor [from the "Hard Core"]02:14
49Irs Freestyle [from the "Black Friday"]04:18
50It Aint My Fault feat Sha [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:32
51Its Kim Bitches (Get That Money) [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:05
52Killin' 'Em (ft. Fabolous) [from the "Black Friday"]03:21
53Kim Gets Deeper [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]01:57
54Kimmy Girl (ft. Keri Hilson) [from the "Black Friday"]02:12
55Kimmy More feat Britney Spears [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:49
56Kitty Box [from the "The Naked Truth"]03:49
57Kronik (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:32
58Last Day [from the "The Naked Truth"]10:02
59Let It Go feat Missy & Keyshia Cole [from the "Greatest Of All Time"]03:54
60Lighters Up [from the "The Naked Truth"]04:22

Lil' Kim - top artists list [#421]

Lil' Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones (born July 11, 1975), better known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American rapper and singer. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Dirty rap
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