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Best of Al Jarreau by Al Jarreau [1996] [album editions]

Best of Al Jarreau (Al Jarreau)

Track listing

1Compared To What
2Goodhands Tonight
3Agua De Beber
4Your Song
5Take Five
6Spain (I Can Recall)
7Never Givin' Up
8Breakin' Away
9Roof Garden
10We're In This Love Together
12Boogie Down
13Moonlighting (Theme)
14Since I Fell For You
15L Is For Lover
16So Good
17Heaven And Earth

Al Jarreau albums

1Accentuate The Positive[ 2004 ]
2All I Got[ 2002 ]
3Best of Al Jarreau[ 1996 ]
4Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)[ 2006 ]
5Glow[ 1976 ]
6Heaven and Earth[ 1992 ]
7Jarreau[ 1983 ]
8Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
9L Is For Lover[ 1986 ]
10Tenderness[ 1994 ]
11This Time[ 1980 ]
12We Got By[ 1975 ]
1Accentuate The Positive (Al Jarreau)
2All I Got (Al Jarreau)
3Best of Al Jarreau (Al Jarreau)
4Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau) (Al Jarreau)
5Glow (Al Jarreau)
6Heaven and Earth (Al Jarreau)
7Jarreau (Al Jarreau)
8Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
9L Is For Lover (Al Jarreau)
10Tenderness (Al Jarreau)
11This Time (Al Jarreau)
12We Got By (Al Jarreau)

Al Jarreau songs

1(A Rhyme) This Time [from the "This Time"]03:42
2(If I Could Only) Change Your Mind [from the "This Time"]04:17
3(We Got) Telepathy [from the "L Is For Lover"]04:25
4Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]02:33
5Across The Midnight Sky [from the "L Is For Lover"]05:35
6Agua De Beber [from the "Glow"]03:55
7Agua De Beber [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]03:56
8All I Am [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]03:24
9All I Got [from the "All I Got"]05:29
10Alladin's Lamp [from the "We Got By"]04:54
11Alonzo [from the "This Time"]05:26
12Betty Bebop's Song [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]02:42
13Black and Blues [from the "Jarreau"]04:51
14Blue Angel [from the "Heaven and Earth"]05:08
15Blue in Green (Tapestry) Part II-The Dance [from the "Heaven and Earth"]03:27
16Blue In Green (Tapestry) Part I-The Dedication [from the "Heaven and Earth"]02:53
17Boogie Down [from the "Jarreau"]04:11
18Boogie Down [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]04:03
19Breakin' Away [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]04:12
20Breezin' [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]05:40
21Bring It On Home To Me [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]04:24
22Cold Duck [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]03:50
23Compared To What [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]05:23
24Dinosaur [from the "Tenderness"]05:24
25Distracted [from the "This Time"]05:53
26Don't Start No Stuff [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]04:45
27Everytime You Go Away [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]04:31
28Feels Like Heaven [from the "All I Got"]04:38
29Feels Like Heaven - Al Jarreau [from the "Jazz For The Road"]04:37
30Fire And Rain [from the "Glow"]04:49
31Four [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]05:15
32Gimme What You Got [from the "This Time"]03:45
33Give A Little More Lovin' [from the "L Is For Lover"]05:12
34Givin It Up For Love [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]03:58
35Glow [from the "Glow"]04:28
36Go Away Little Girl [from the "Tenderness"]05:42
37God Bless The Child [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]03:42
38Golden Girl [from the "L Is For Lover"]05:50
39Goodhands Tonight [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]06:17
40Groovin' High [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]02:54
41Have You Seen The Child [from the "Glow"]03:49
42Heaven And Earth [from the "Heaven and Earth"]04:27
43Heaven And Earth [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]04:25
44Hold On Me [from the "Glow"]01:46
45I will be here for you [from the "Jarreau"]04:19
46If I Break [from the "Heaven and Earth"]05:49
47I'm Beginning To See The Light [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]02:40
48It's Not Hard To Love You [from the "Heaven and Earth"]06:12
49Jacaranda Bougainvillea [from the "All I Got"]04:46
50L Is For Lover [from the "L Is For Lover"]05:24
51L Is For Lover [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]05:06
52Let It Rain [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]04:55
53Letter Perfect [from the "We Got By"]04:18
54Life Is [from the "All I Got"]04:00
55Lock All The Gates [from the "We Got By"]05:34
56Lost And Found [from the "All I Got"]04:49
57Lotus [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]03:25
58Love Is Real [from the "This Time"]04:26
59Love is waiting [from the "Jarreau"]03:46
60Love Of My Life [from the "Heaven and Earth"]04:01

Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau

Alwyn Lopez 'Al' Jarreau (born March 12, 1940) is an American singer. A seven-time Grammy Award winner, he is the only vocalist in history to win in three separate categories: Jazz, Pop, and R&B.

He also won the Grammys within a span of four consecutive decades — the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. []


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