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We Got By by Al Jarreau [1975] [album editions]

We Got By (Al Jarreau)

Track listing

2We Got By
3Susan's Song
4You Don't See Me
5Lock All The Gates
6Raggedy Ann
7Letter Perfect
8Sweet Potato Pie
9Alladin's Lamp

Al Jarreau albums

1Accentuate The Positive[ 2004 ]
2All I Got[ 2002 ]
3Best of Al Jarreau[ 1996 ]
4Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)[ 2006 ]
5Glow[ 1976 ]
6Heaven and Earth[ 1992 ]
7Jarreau[ 1983 ]
8Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
9L Is For Lover[ 1986 ]
10Tenderness[ 1994 ]
11This Time[ 1980 ]
12We Got By[ 1975 ]
1Accentuate The Positive (Al Jarreau)
2All I Got (Al Jarreau)
3Best of Al Jarreau (Al Jarreau)
4Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau) (Al Jarreau)
5Glow (Al Jarreau)
6Heaven and Earth (Al Jarreau)
7Jarreau (Al Jarreau)
8Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
9L Is For Lover (Al Jarreau)
10Tenderness (Al Jarreau)
11This Time (Al Jarreau)
12We Got By (Al Jarreau)

Al Jarreau songs

61Mas Que Nada [from the "Tenderness"]05:13
62Midnight Sun [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]05:36
63Milwaukee [from the "Glow"]04:55
64Moonlighting (Theme) [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]03:02
65Mornin' [from the "Jarreau"]04:16
66Mornin' [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]04:17
67Morning [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]05:03
68My Favourite Things (ft. Kathleen Battle) [from the "Tenderness"]05:21
69My Joolish Heart [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]03:57
70Never Givin' Up [from the "This Time"]03:58
71Never Givin' Up [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]03:57
72Never Too Late [from the "All I Got"]04:04
73No Ordinary Romance [from the "L Is For Lover"]03:33
74Not like this [from the "Jarreau"]02:38
75Oasis [from the "All I Got"]06:19
76Ordinary People [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]05:19
77Pleasure [from the "L Is For Lover"]04:00
78Raggedy Ann [from the "We Got By"]03:04
79Rainbow In Your Eyes [from the "Glow"]03:06
80Random Act Of Love [from the "All I Got"]04:43
81Real Tight [from the "L Is For Lover"]03:10
82Roof Garden [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]05:31
83Route 66 [from the "All I Got"]02:33
84Save me [from the "Jarreau"]06:32
85Save Your Love For Me [from the "Tenderness"]05:54
86Says [from the "L Is For Lover"]03:51
87Scootcha-Booty [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]04:10
88Secrets Of Love [from the "All I Got"]04:37
89She's Leaving Home [from the "Tenderness"]07:39
90Since I Fell For You [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]03:53
91So Good [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]04:14
92Somebody's Watching You [from the "Glow"]03:45
93Spain (I Can Recall) [from the "This Time"]06:32
94Spain (I Can Recall) [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]06:36
95Spirit [from the "We Got By"]04:12
96Step by step [from the "Jarreau"]04:27
97Summer Breeze [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]05:03
98Summertime [from the "Tenderness"]06:17
99Superfine Love [from the "Heaven and Earth"]05:24
100Susan's Song [from the "We Got By"]05:57
101Sweet Potato Pie [from the "We Got By"]03:13
102Take Five [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]03:29
103Tell Me What I Gotta Do [from the "L Is For Lover"]04:00
104The Nearness Of You [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]03:30
105Trouble in paradise [from the "Jarreau"]03:49
106Try A Little Tenderness [from the "Tenderness"]07:36
107Tutu [from the "Givin' It Up (George Benson & Al Jarreau)"]06:38
108Until You Love Me [from the "All I Got"]04:40
109Wait For The Magic [from the "Tenderness"]05:52
110Waltz For Debby [from the "Accentuate The Positive"]03:02
111We Got By [from the "We Got By"]05:05
112We Got By (ft. David Sanborn) [from the "Tenderness"]06:04
113We're In This Love Together [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]03:47
114What You Do To Me [from the "Heaven and Earth"]04:35
115Whenever I Hear Your Name [from the "Heaven and Earth"]05:28
116You Don't See Me [from the "We Got By"]04:57
117You Don't See Me [from the "Tenderness"]05:26
118Your Song [from the "Glow"]05:37
119Your Song [from the "Tenderness"]06:05
120Your Song [from the "Best of Al Jarreau"]05:37

Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau

Alwyn Lopez 'Al' Jarreau (born March 12, 1940) is an American singer. A seven-time Grammy Award winner, he is the only vocalist in history to win in three separate categories: Jazz, Pop, and R&B.

He also won the Grammys within a span of four consecutive decades — the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. []


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