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Queen by Queen [1991] [album editions]

Queen (Queen)

Track listing

1Keep Yourself Alive
2Doing All Right
3Great King Rat
4My Fairy King
6The Night Comes Down
7Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll
8Son And Daughter
10Seven Seas Of Rhye
11Mad the Swine (Previously Unreleased)
12Keep Yourself Alive (Re-Take)
13Liar (Remix)

Queen albums

1A Kind Of Magic[ 1991 ]
2A Night At The Opera[ 2005 ]
3Day at the Races[ 2002 ]
4Flash Gordon[ 2011 ]
5Hot Space[ 1991 ]
6Innuendo[ 1991 ]
7Jazz[ 1991 ]
8Live At Wembley`86[ 2003 ]
9Made In Heaven[ 2001 ]
10News Of The World[ 1991 ]
11Queen[ 1991 ]
12Queen II[ 1991 ]
13Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
14Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
15The Game[ 1991 ]
16The Miracle[ 1991 ]
17The Works[ 1991 ]
1A Kind Of Magic (Queen)
2A Night At The Opera (Queen)
3Day at the Races (Queen)
4Flash Gordon (Queen)
5Hot Space (Queen)
6Innuendo (Queen)
7Jazz (Queen)
8Live At Wembley`86 (Queen)
9Made In Heaven (Queen)
10News Of The World (Queen)
11Queen (Queen)
12Queen II (Queen)
13Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
14Small Soldiers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
15The Game (Queen)
16The Miracle (Queen)
17The Works (Queen)

Queen songs

61Football Fight (Early Version, No Synths! - February 1980) [from the "Flash Gordon"]01:56
62Forever [from the "A Kind Of Magic"]03:18
63Friends Will Be Friends [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
64Friends Will Be Friends [from the "A Kind Of Magic"]04:03
65Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends... [from the "A Kind Of Magic"]05:54
66Fun It [from the "Jazz"]03:29
67Funny How Love Is [from the "Queen II"]02:50
68Get Down, Make Love [from the "News Of The World"]03:50
69Gimme Some Lovin' [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
70Gimme The Prize [from the "A Kind Of Magic"]04:31
71God Save The Queen [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
72God Save The Queen [from the "A Night At The Opera"]01:11
73Good Company [from the "A Night At The Opera"]03:23
74Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy [from the "Day at the Races"]02:53
75Great King Rat [from the "Queen"]05:42
76Hammer To Fall [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
77Hammer To Fall [from the "The Works"]04:25
78Hang On In There [from the "The Miracle"]03:46
79Headlong [from the "Innuendo"]04:37
80Heaven For Everyone [from the "Made In Heaven"]05:30
81Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) [from the "Live At Wembley`86"]01:24
82I Can't Live With You [from the "Innuendo"]04:29
83I Go Crazy [from the "The Works"] 
84I Want It All [from the "The Miracle"]04:40
85I Want To Break Free [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
86I Want To Break Free [from the "The Works"]03:17
87I Want To Break Free (2) [from the "The Works"]03:17
88I Was Born To Love You [from the "Made In Heaven"]04:49
89If You Can't Beat Them [from the "Jazz"]04:14
90I'm Going Slightly Mad [from the "Innuendo"]04:21
91I'm In Love With My Car [from the "A Night At The Opera"]03:05
92Impromptu [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
93In Only Seven Days [from the "Jazz"]02:27
94In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) [from the "Flash Gordon"]02:24
95In The Lap Of The Gods [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
96In The Space Capsule (The Love Theme) [from the "Flash Gordon"]02:42
97Innuendo [from the "Innuendo"]06:27
98Is This The World We Created [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 
99Is This The World We Created [from the "The Works"]02:12
100It's A Beautiful Day [from the "Made In Heaven"]02:29
101It's A Beutiful Day (Reprise) [from the "Made In Heaven"]03:01
102It's A Hard Life [from the "The Works"]04:04
103It's Late [from the "News Of The World"]06:24
104Jealousy [from the "Jazz"]03:12
105Jesus [from the "Queen"]03:44
106Keep Passing The Open Windows [from the "The Works"]05:18
107Keep Yourself Alive [from the "Queen"]03:47
108Keep Yourself Alive (Re-Take) [from the "Queen"] 
109Khashoggi's Ship [from the "The Miracle"]02:47
110Killer Queen - Queen [from the "Romantic Collection Vol. 2"] 
111Las Palabras De Amor [from the "Hot Space"]04:27
112Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon [from the "A Night At The Opera"]01:07
113Leaving Home Ain't Easy [from the "Jazz"]03:14
114Let Me Entertain You [from the "Jazz"]03:00
115Let Me Live [from the "Made In Heaven"]04:43
116Liar [from the "Queen"]06:26
117Liar (Remix) [from the "Queen"] 
118Life Is Real [from the "Hot Space"]03:32
119Long Away [from the "Day at the Races"]03:31
120Love of My Life [from the "Live At Wembley`86"] 

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Queen are an English rock band, formed in 1970 in London by Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, with John Deacon joining the following year. []


  • Rock,
  • Progressive rock
  • Keep Yourself Alive by Queen

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