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Hempstead High by A+ [1999] [album editions]

Hempstead High (A+)

Track listing

1Intro (Classroom)
2Enjoy Yourself
3Up Top New York
4Gotta Have It
5Boyz To Men
6Watcha Weigh Me
7Understand The Game
8Don't Make Me Wait
10It's On You
11What Da Deal
12Price Of Fame
13Staggering and Stuttering
14Parkside Gardens

A+ albums

1Enjoy Yourself[ 1998 ]
2Hempstead High[ 1999 ]
3The Latch-Key Child[ 1996 ]
1Enjoy Yourself (A+)
2Hempstead High (A+)
3The Latch-Key Child (A+)

A+ songs

1A+Z [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:20
2All I See [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:24
3Alpha 2 Omega [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:15
4Boyz To Men [from the "Hempstead High"]03:54
5Don't Make Me Wait [from the "Hempstead High"]03:58
6Enjoy Yourself [from the "Hempstead High"]03:38
7Enjoy Yourself (Instrumental) [from the "Enjoy Yourself"]03:41
8Enjoy Yourself (Radio Edit) [from the "Enjoy Yourself"]03:41
9Gotta Have It [from the "Hempstead High"]04:08
10Gusto [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]05:11
11Hard Times [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]03:49
12Interlude [from the "Hempstead High"]01:09
13Intro (Classroom) [from the "Hempstead High"]01:52
14It's On You [from the "Hempstead High"]04:31
15Me & My Microphone [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]03:33
16Move On [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:34
17My Thing [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]03:43
18Next Level (Intro) / Enter Hempstead [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:00
19Parkside Coalition [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:23
20Parkside Gardens [from the "Hempstead High"]05:18
21Party Joint [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:10
22Price Of Fame [from the "Hempstead High"]03:35
23Shout It Out (Outro) [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]01:04
24Staggering and Stuttering [from the "Hempstead High"]05:18
25Understand The Game [from the "Hempstead High"]03:48
26Up Top New York [from the "Hempstead High"]04:56
27Up Top New York (Album Version) [from the "Enjoy Yourself"]05:01
28Up Top New York (Instrumental) [from the "Enjoy Yourself"]05:03
29Up Top New York (Radio Edit) [from the "Enjoy Yourself"]04:06
30Wanna Be Rich [from the "The Latch-Key Child"]04:10
31Watcha Weigh Me [from the "Hempstead High"]04:11
32What Da Deal [from the "Hempstead High"]03:37



Andre Levins, also known as A+ is an American rapper.


  • Hip hop
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