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Bryan Adams by Bryan Adams [1980] [album editions]

Bryan Adams (Bryan Adams)

Track listing

1Hidin' from Love
2Win Some, Lose Some
3Wait and See
4Give Me Your Love
5Wastin' Time
6Don't Ya Say it
8State of Mind
9Try to See it My Way

Bryan Adams albums

118 Til I Die[ 2007 ]
2Bryan Adams[ 1980 ]
3Cuts Like a Knife[ 1983 ]
4Eleven[ 2008 ]
5Into the Fire[ 1987 ]
6Live! Live! Live![ 1995 ]
7Mtv Unplugged[ 1997 ]
8On a Day Like Today[ 1998 ]
9Reckless[ 1984 ]
10Room Service[ 2004 ]
11So Far So Good[ 1993 ]
12The Best of Me[ 2002 ]
13The Best of Me (Single)[ 1999 ]
14Waking Up The Neighbours[ 1991 ]
15When You're Gone (Single)[ 1998 ]
16You Want it You Got it[ 1990 ]
118 Til I Die (Bryan Adams)
2Bryan Adams (Bryan Adams)
3Cuts Like a Knife (Bryan Adams)
4Eleven (Bryan Adams)
5Into the Fire (Bryan Adams)
6Live! Live! Live! (Bryan Adams)
7Mtv Unplugged (Bryan Adams)
8On a Day Like Today (Bryan Adams)
9Reckless (Bryan Adams)
10Room Service (Bryan Adams)
11So Far So Good (Bryan Adams)
12The Best of Me (Bryan Adams)
13The Best of Me (Single) (Bryan Adams)
14Waking Up The Neighbours (Bryan Adams)
15When You're Gone (Single) (Bryan Adams)
16You Want it You Got it (Bryan Adams)

Bryan Adams songs

1(Everything I Do) I Do it for You [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]06:34
2(Everything I Do) I Do it for You [from the "So Far So Good"]06:34
3(Everything I Do) I Do it for You [from the "The Best of Me"]06:34
418 Til I Die [from the "18 Til I Die"]03:29
518 Til I Die [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]03:30
6A Little Love [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]03:22
7Ain't Gonna Cry [from the "Reckless"]04:06
8All for Love [from the "The Best of Me"]04:45
9All I Want Is You [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]05:20
10Another Day [from the "Into the Fire"]03:41
11Back to You [from the "The Best of Me"]04:29
12Back to You [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]04:30
13Before The Night Is Over [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:48
14Black Pearl [from the "18 Til I Die"]03:59
15Broken Wings [from the "Eleven"]03:36
16Can't Stop This Thing We Started [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]04:29
17Can't Stop This Thing We Started [from the "So Far So Good"]04:29
18Can't Stop This Thing We Started [from the "The Best of Me"]04:29
19Cloud 9 (Demo) [from the "The Best of Me (Single)"]04:04
20Cloud Number Nine [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:45
21Cloud Number Nine [from the "The Best of Me"]03:45
22C'mon C'mon C'mon [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:36
23Coming Home [from the "You Want it You Got it"]03:37
24Cuts Like a Knife [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]05:19
25Cuts Like a Knife [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]05:27
26Cuts Like a Knife [from the "So Far So Good"]05:19
27Cuts Like a Knife [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]05:03
28Depend on Me [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]05:07
29Do I Have to Say the Words? [from the "So Far So Good"]06:11
30Do I hve to Say the Words [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]06:11
31Do to You [from the "18 Til I Die"]04:11
32Don't Drop That Bomb On Me [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]06:00
33Don't Leave Me Lonely [from the "Cuts Like a Knife"]02:58
34Don't Look Now [from the "You Want it You Got it"]03:09
35Don't Ya Say it [from the "Bryan Adams"]03:23
36East Side Story [from the "Room Service"]03:22
37Fearless [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:52
38Fearless (Demo) [from the "The Best of Me (Single)"]03:43
39Fits Ya Good [from the "You Want it You Got it"]04:38
40Fits Ya Good [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]03:01
41Flower Grown Wild [from the "Eleven"]03:53
42Flying [from the "Room Service"]04:04
43Getaway [from the "On a Day Like Today"]03:47
44Give Me Your Love [from the "Bryan Adams"]02:55
45Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? [from the "18 Til I Die"]04:51
46Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? [from the "The Best of Me"]04:51
47Hearts on Fire [from the "Into the Fire"]03:30
48Hearts on Fire [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]04:11
49Heat of the Night [from the "Into the Fire"]05:07
50Heat of the Night [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]05:17
51Heat of the Night [from the "So Far So Good"]05:07
52Heaven [from the "Reckless"]04:05
53Heaven [from the "Live! Live! Live!"]04:16
54Heaven [from the "So Far So Good"]04:05
55Heaven [from the "Mtv Unplugged"]04:30
56Hey Honey-I'm Packin' You In! [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]03:59
57Hidin' from Love [from the "Bryan Adams"]03:19
58Home Again [from the "Into the Fire"]04:19
59House Arrest [from the "Waking Up The Neighbours"]03:57
60How Do Ya Feel Tonight [from the "On a Day Like Today"]04:46

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Bryan Guy Adams is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and photographer.

Adams has won dozens of awards and nominations, including 20 Juno Awards among 56 nominations.


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