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The Montreux by Smokie [2007] [album editions]

The Montreux (Smokie)

Track listing

1The Girl Can't Help It
2Power Of Love
3No More Letters
4Mexican Girl
5You Took Me By Surprise
6Oh Carol
7Liverpool Docks
8Light Up My Life
9Petesy's Song
10For A Few Dollars More

Smokie albums

1All Fired Up![ 1988 ]
2Best Ballads[ 1997 ]
3Bright Lights And Back Alleys[ 1977 ]
4Changing All The Time[ 1975 ]
5Chasing Shadows[ 1992 ]
6Eclipse Acoustic[ 2008 ]
7From the Heart[ 2006 ]
8It's Country Time[ 2009 ]
9Midnight Cafe[ 2000 ]
10Midnight Delight[ 1982 ]
11Pass it Around[ 1975 ]
12Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
13Solid Ground[ 1981 ]
14The 25th Anniversary[ 2000 ]
15The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)[ 1995 ]
16The Montreux[ 2007 ]
17The Other Side Of The Road[ 2008 ]
18The World and Elsewhere[ 1995 ]
19Whose Are These Boots?[ 1990 ]
20Wild Horses[ 1998 ]
1All Fired Up! (Smokie)
2Best Ballads (Smokie)
3Bright Lights And Back Alleys (Smokie)
4Changing All The Time (Smokie)
5Chasing Shadows (Smokie)
6Eclipse Acoustic (Smokie)
7From the Heart (Smokie)
8It's Country Time (Smokie)
9Midnight Cafe (Smokie)
10Midnight Delight (Smokie)
11Pass it Around (Smokie)
12Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
13Solid Ground (Smokie)
14The 25th Anniversary (Smokie)
15The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman) (Smokie)
16The Montreux (Smokie)
17The Other Side Of The Road (Smokie)
18The World and Elsewhere (Smokie)
19Whose Are These Boots? (Smokie)
20Wild Horses (Smokie)

Smokie songs

181Roll On Baby [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]02:40
182Romeo & Juliet [from the "Whose Are These Boots?"]05:48
183Romeo and Juliet [from the "From the Heart"]05:49
184Rose-A-Lee [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]03:45
185Run To Me [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]04:13
186Samantha Elizabeth [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]04:00
187San Francisco Bay [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]03:16
188San Francisco Bay [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]03:21
189Scream You Guitar [from the "Chasing Shadows"]03:40
190Second Coice [from the "All Fired Up!"]04:48
191She Ride Wild Horses [from the "Eclipse Acoustic"]03:37
192She Rides Wild Horses [from the "Wild Horses"]03:30
193She Rides Wild Horses [from the "It's Country Time"]03:21
194Shy guy [from the "Pass it Around"]03:23
195Some Hearts Are Diamonds [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:45
196Something's Been Making Me Blu [from the "Midnight Cafe"]03:01
197Something's Been Making Me Blue [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:01
198Songs [from the "Solid Ground"]02:24
199Steppin' On Seashells [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]04:31
200Stranger [from the "Best Ballads"]04:42
201Stranger [from the "Midnight Cafe"]04:40
202Stumblin' In [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:57
203Sunshine Avenue [from the "Bright Lights And Back Alleys"]03:12
204Take Good Care Of My Baby [from the "Solid Ground"]03:23
205Take Good Care Of My Baby [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]03:25
206Take Me In [from the "Changing All The Time"]03:55
207Talking Her Around [from the "Best Ballads"]02:42
208Tell Me Why [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]04:43
209The Classic Hits Medley [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]03:59
210The coldest night [from the "Pass it Around"]04:16
211The Dancer [from the "Best Ballads"]03:52
212The Dancer [from the "Bright Lights And Back Alleys"]03:53
213The Girl Can't Help It [from the "The Montreux"]03:50
214The Other Side Of The Road [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]03:53
215The Rain Came Down [from the "Chasing Shadows"]04:42
216The Wrong Reasons [from the "It's Country Time"]03:55
217Think About The Night [from the "Best Ballads"]03:58
218Think Of Me [from the "Bright Lights And Back Alleys"]04:44
219This Side Of Paradise [from the "Whose Are These Boots?"]05:18
220Till Hell Freezes Over [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]04:06
221Till Hell Freezes Over [from the "It's Country Time"]04:01
222Till You Follow Me [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]04:20
223Time Keeps Turning [from the "Midnight Delight"]03:27
224Time Of Your Life [from the "Midnight Delight"]04:04
225Too Many Pennies In Hell [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]01:16
226Umbrella Day [from the "Changing All The Time"]03:46
227Walk Right Back [from the "Bright Lights And Back Alleys"]05:30
228Warm Nights With You [from the "Midnight Delight"]03:05
229We're Flyin' High [from the "Changing All The Time"]03:55
230What Are We Waiting For [from the "It's Country Time"]02:39
231What Can I Do [from the "Best Ballads"]03:38
232What Can I Do [from the "Midnight Cafe"]03:37
233What Can I Do [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]05:01
234What Can I Do -Smokie [from the "Romantic Collection Vol. 2"]03:40
235When It's the Right Time [from the "Wild Horses"]03:51
236When It's The Right Time [from the "It's Country Time"]03:48
237When My Back Against The Wall [from the "Best Ballads"]03:38
238When My Back Was Against The W [from the "Midnight Cafe"]03:38
239When The Lightening Strikes [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]03:47
240When the night falls [from the "From the Heart"]03:41



Smokie is an English rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire who found success in Europe in the 1970s.


  • Rock,
  • Country-rock
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