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From the Heart by Smokie [2006] [album editions]

From the Heart (Smokie)

Track listing

1Don't give me that
2Lay back in the arms of someon
3If you still love me tomorrow
4If you think you know how to l
5Romeo and Juliet
6Back to you
7I swear
8I don't wanna talk about it
9Arms of Mary
10Just when I needed you most
11I feel love
12No matter what
13Love hurts
14When the night falls
15Can't cry hard enough
16Ain't it funny how it works
17Home is anywhere you are
18Living next door to Alice
19Naked love

Smokie albums

1All Fired Up![ 1988 ]
2Best Ballads[ 1997 ]
3Bright Lights And Back Alleys[ 1977 ]
4Changing All The Time[ 1975 ]
5Chasing Shadows[ 1992 ]
6Eclipse Acoustic[ 2008 ]
7From the Heart[ 2006 ]
8It's Country Time[ 2009 ]
9Midnight Cafe[ 2000 ]
10Midnight Delight[ 1982 ]
11Pass it Around[ 1975 ]
12Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
13Solid Ground[ 1981 ]
14The 25th Anniversary[ 2000 ]
15The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)[ 1995 ]
16The Montreux[ 2007 ]
17The Other Side Of The Road[ 2008 ]
18The World and Elsewhere[ 1995 ]
19Whose Are These Boots?[ 1990 ]
20Wild Horses[ 1998 ]
1All Fired Up! (Smokie)
2Best Ballads (Smokie)
3Bright Lights And Back Alleys (Smokie)
4Changing All The Time (Smokie)
5Chasing Shadows (Smokie)
6Eclipse Acoustic (Smokie)
7From the Heart (Smokie)
8It's Country Time (Smokie)
9Midnight Cafe (Smokie)
10Midnight Delight (Smokie)
11Pass it Around (Smokie)
12Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
13Solid Ground (Smokie)
14The 25th Anniversary (Smokie)
15The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman) (Smokie)
16The Montreux (Smokie)
17The Other Side Of The Road (Smokie)
18The World and Elsewhere (Smokie)
19Whose Are These Boots? (Smokie)
20Wild Horses (Smokie)

Smokie songs

1A day at the mother-in-law's [from the "Pass it Around"]02:52
2Ain't it funny how it works [from the "From the Heart"]02:57
3Ain't It Funny How It Works [from the "Wild Horses"]03:01
4Ain't It Funny How It Works [from the "It's Country Time"]02:54
5Alice [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:58
6All Alone [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]03:56
7All My Life [from the "Chasing Shadows"]03:34
8All She Ever Really Wanted [from the "Wild Horses"]02:57
9All She Ever Really Wanted [from the "It's Country Time"]02:52
10And the Night Stood Still [from the "Wild Horses"]04:01
11And The Night Stood Still [from the "It's Country Time"]03:47
12Arms of Mary [from the "From the Heart"]02:50
13Babe It's Up To You [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]03:44
14Baby It's Up To You [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]03:44
15Baby It's You [from the "Best Ballads"]03:52
16Baby It's You [from the "Bright Lights And Back Alleys"]03:51
17Back To Bradford [from the "Changing All The Time"]02:41
18Back to you [from the "From the Heart"]03:32
19Belinda [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]02:58
20Big Fat Momma [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]02:49
21Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [from the "Eclipse Acoustic"]04:00
22Broken Heroes [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:22
23Can't cry hard enough [from the "From the Heart"]04:01
24Changing All The Time [from the "Eclipse Acoustic"]03:59
25Changing All The Time [from the "Best Ballads"]03:24
26Changing All The Time [from the "Changing All The Time"]03:24
27Chasing Shadows [from the "Chasing Shadows"]04:23
28Coming Home Tonight [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]03:53
29Cry In The Night [from the "All Fired Up!"]04:00
30Daydreamin' [from the "Pass it Around"]02:17
31Desperate Measures [from the "Eclipse Acoustic"]04:11
32Desperate Measures [from the "Wild Horses"]03:44
33Desperate Measures [from the "It's Country Time"]03:39
34Do To Me [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]03:22
35Don't give me that [from the "From the Heart"]03:48
36Don't Play That Game With Me [from the "Chasing Shadows"]04:05
37Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll [from the "Eclipse Acoustic"]03:45
38Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll To [from the "Changing All The Time"]03:19
39Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll To Me [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:17
40Don't Stop This Love [from the "Chasing Shadows"]03:46
41Don't Take Your Love Away This [from the "The Other Side Of The Road"]03:13
42Don't Throw It Away [from the "Midnight Delight"]03:25
43Don't turn out your light [from the "Pass it Around"]04:01
44Every Little Kiss [from the "Whose Are These Boots?"]04:21
45Everything A Man Could Need [from the "Solid Ground"]05:14
46Fistful Of Dollars [from the "Whose Are These Boots?"]03:19
47For A Few Dollars More [from the "The Best Of 20 Years (Smokie & Chris Norman)"]03:34
48For A Few Dollars More [from the "The Montreux"]03:35
49For A Few Dollers More [from the "Eclipse Acoustic"]03:22
50For You [from the "The 25th Anniversary"]04:02
51Give It To Me [from the "Changing All The Time"]04:06
52Goin' tomorrow [from the "Pass it Around"]03:45
53Going Home [from the "Midnight Cafe"]07:34
54Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache [from the "Wild Horses"]04:02
55Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache [from the "It's Country Time"]03:55
56Have You Ever Seen The Rain [from the "The World and Elsewhere"]04:15
57Headspin [from the "Pass it Around"]03:32
58Heartbreak Angel [from the "Whose Are These Boots?"]04:17
59Heat Of The Night [from the "Whose Are These Boots?"]05:00
60Hiding From The Night [from the "Midnight Delight"]03:46



Smokie is an English rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire who found success in Europe in the 1970s.


  • Rock,
  • Country-rock
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