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The Train of Thought by De La Soul [2009]

The Train of Thought (De La Soul)

Track listing

2Rock Co.Flow (ft Mf Doom)
4The Hustle
5The Grind Date
6Rewind Dj (ft, Eslam Jawaad)
7Oooh (ft. Redman)
8Thru Ya City (ft, Dv Alias Khrist)
9With Me
10Let Me Hear U Clap (ft, Jazzy Jeff)
11All Good (ft, Chaka Khan)
12Ego Trippin' (Part Two) (Gumbo Funk Remix)
13Buddy (ft. A Tribe Called Quest & Monnie Love)
14Oodies Of O's
15Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
16Keepin' The Faith (Remix)
17Me, Myself & I
18A Roller Skating Jam Named ''saturday''
19The Bizness (ft. Common) (Live Version)
20Voicestress (ft. Truth Enola)
21Itzsoweeze (ft, Yankee B) (Remix)
22Stakes Is High (Dj Spinna Remix)
23Much More (ft, Dj Premier & Yummy Bingham)
244 More (ft, Zhane) (Juno Clean Mix)

De La Soul albums

1Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
2The Train of Thought[ 2009 ]
1Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2The Train of Thought (De La Soul)

De La Soul songs

14 More (ft, Zhane) (Juno Clean Mix) [from the "The Train of Thought"]04:25
2A Roller Skating Jam Named ''saturday'' [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:38
3All Good (ft, Chaka Khan) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:47
4Bionix [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:29
5Buddy (ft. A Tribe Called Quest & Monnie Love) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:50
6Ego Trippin' (Part Two) (Gumbo Funk Remix) [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:23
7Intro [from the "The Train of Thought"]01:13
8Itzsoweeze (ft, Yankee B) (Remix) [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:38
9Keepin' The Faith (Remix) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:47
10Let Me Hear U Clap (ft, Jazzy Jeff) [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:38
11Me, Myself & I [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:53
12Much More (ft, Dj Premier & Yummy Bingham) [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:54
13Oodies Of O's [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:01
14Oooh (ft. Redman) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:23
15Outro [from the "The Train of Thought"]00:51
16Rewind Dj (ft, Eslam Jawaad) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:39
17Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:55
18Rock Co.Flow (ft Mf Doom) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:12
19Stakes Is High (Dj Spinna Remix) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:40
20The Bizness (ft. Common) (Live Version) [from the "The Train of Thought"]04:16
21The Grind Date [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:49
22The Hustle [from the "The Train of Thought"]01:58
23Thru Ya City (ft, Dv Alias Khrist) [from the "The Train of Thought"]02:07
24Turn It Out - De La Soul [from the "Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)"] 
25Voicestress (ft. Truth Enola) [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:37
26With Me [from the "The Train of Thought"]03:11

De La Soul

De La Soul

De La Soul is an American hip hop trio formed in 1987 on Long Island, New York.


  • Hip hop
  • Me, Myself & I by De La Soul

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