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UAIOE by KMFDM [1989] [album editions]


Track listing

3Loving Can Be An Art (Saturation Mix)
4More & Faster 243
5Rip The System (Duck & Cover Mix)
6Thrash Up!
7En Esch
8Ganja Rock
9Thumb Thumb

KMFDM albums

1Adios[ 1999 ]
2Blitz[ 2009 ]
3Hau Ruck[ 2005 ]
4Money[ 1992 ]
5Naive[ 1990 ]
6Nihil[ 1995 ]
7Our Time Will Come[ 2014 ]
8Symbols[ 1997 ]
9Tohuvabohu[ 2007 ]
10UAIOE[ 1989 ]
11What Do You Know, Deutschland?[ 1986 ]
12Xtort[ 1996 ]
1Adios (KMFDM)
2Blitz (KMFDM)
3Hau Ruck (KMFDM)
4Money (KMFDM)
5Naive (KMFDM)
6Nihil (KMFDM)
7Our Time Will Come (KMFDM)
8Symbols (KMFDM)
9Tohuvabohu (KMFDM)
11What Do You Know, Deutschland? (KMFDM)
12Xtort (KMFDM)

KMFDM songs

61Loving Can Be An Art (Saturation Mix) [from the "UAIOE"]04:13
62Lufthans [from the "What Do You Know, Deutschland?"]04:48
63Make Your Stand [from the "Our Time Will Come"]06:21
64Me & My Gun [from the "Blitz"]03:30
65Me I Funk [from the "What Do You Know, Deutschland?"]08:24
66Megalomaniac [from the "Symbols"]06:07
67Mercy [from the "Symbols"]04:59
68Mini Mini Mini [from the "Hau Ruck"]02:55
69Money [from the "Money"]05:30
70Money (Deutschmark Mix) [from the "Money"]03:40
71More & Faster 243 [from the "UAIOE"]02:54
72Murder [from the "UAIOE"]03:21
73Naive [from the "Naive"]05:23
74Never Say Never [from the "Blitz"]04:19
75New American Century [from the "Hau Ruck"]04:50
76Nihil [from the "Nihil"]02:04
77Not In My Name [from the "Tohuvabohu"]04:50
78Our Time Will Come [from the "Our Time Will Come"]04:35
79People Of The Lie [from the "Blitz"]04:53
80Piggybank [from the "Naive"]06:36
81Playing God [from the "Our Time Will Come"]04:29
82Positiv [from the "What Do You Know, Deutschland?"]03:31
83Potz Blitz! [from the "Blitz"]04:23
84Power [from the "Xtort"]05:26
85Professional Killer [from the "Hau Ruck"]04:33
86R.U.OK? [from the "Adios"]04:45
87Ready To Blow [from the "Hau Ruck"]04:27
88Real Thing [from the "Hau Ruck"]05:04
89Respekt [from the "Our Time Will Come"]05:19
90Revolution [from the "Nihil"]04:27
91Rip The System (Duck & Cover Mix) [from the "UAIOE"]03:20
92Rubicon [from the "Adios"]03:44
93Rules [from the "Xtort"]04:07
94Saft und Kraft [from the "Tohuvabohu"]04:35
95Salvation [from the "Our Time Will Come"]05:33
96Search & Destroy [from the "Nihil"]03:26
97Sex On The Flag (Jezebeezlebuttfunk Mix) [from the "Money"]04:25
98Shake the Cage [from the "Our Time Will Come"]04:51
99Sieg Sieg [from the "What Do You Know, Deutschland?"]05:36
100Son of a Gun [from the "Xtort"]04:23
101Spiritual House [from the "Money"]05:22
102Spit Or Swallow [from the "Tohuvabohu"]04:11
103Spit Sperm [from the "Symbols"]04:46
104Stray Bullet [from the "Symbols"]05:30
105Strut [from the "Blitz"]05:30
106Superpower [from the "Tohuvabohu"]04:16
107Sycophant [from the "Adios"]05:13
108Take'm Out [from the "Blitz"]06:51
109Terror [from the "Nihil"]04:49
110That's All [from the "Adios"]05:07
111The Unrestrained Use of Excessive Force [from the "What Do You Know, Deutschland?"]07:14
112Thrash Up! [from the "UAIOE"]03:16
113Thumb Thumb [from the "UAIOE"]03:56
114Today [from the "Adios"]04:56
115Tohuvabohu [from the "Tohuvabohu"]05:19
116Torture [from the "Symbols"]07:04
117Trust [from the "Nihil"]04:41
118UAIOE [from the "UAIOE"]03:57
119Ultra [from the "Nihil"]04:33
120Under Satan (Dub) [from the "Money"]04:14



KMFDM is an industrial band led by German , founded in 1984. []


  • Industrial rock,
  • Industrial metal,
  • Eelectro-industrial
  • More & Faster 243 by KMFDM

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