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Want by 3OH!3 [2009] [album editions]

Want (3OH!3)

Track listing

2Punk Bitch
3Dont Trust Me
4Choke Chain
5Im Not Your Boyfriend Baby
6I Cant Do It Alone
8Rich Man
9Photo Finish
10Still Around
11Holler Til You Pass Out
12Colorado Sunrise

3OH!3 albums

13OH!3[ 2007 ]
2Streets of Gold[ 2010 ]
3Want[ 2009 ]
13OH!3 (3OH!3)
2Streets of Gold (3OH!3)
3Want (3OH!3)

3OH!3 songs

1Beaumont [from the "Streets of Gold"]01:08
2Choke Chain [from the "Want"]03:31
3Chokechain [from the "3OH!3"]03:25
4Colorado Sunrise [from the "Want"]03:22
5Dance With Me [from the "3OH!3"]02:16
6Deja Vu [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:05
7Don't Dance [from the "3OH!3"]03:17
8Dont Trust Me [from the "Want"]03:12
9Don't Trust Me [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:13
10Double Vision [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:12
11Dragon Backpack [from the "3OH!3"]02:08
12Electroshock [from the "3OH!3"]03:01
13Holler Til You Pass Out [from the "Want"]04:10
14Holler 'Til You Pass Out [from the "3OH!3"]03:33
15Hornz [from the "3OH!3"]03:25
16Hott [from the "3OH!3"]03:03
17House Party [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:06
18I Can Do Anything [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:10
19I Cant Do It Alone [from the "Want"]03:00
20I Know How To Say [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:13
21I'm Not Comin To Your Party Girl [from the "3OH!3"]02:43
22I'm Not The One [from the "Streets of Gold"]04:07
23Im Not Your Boyfriend Baby [from the "Want"]03:44
24Love 2012 [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:57
25My First Kiss (ft. Ke$ha) [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:13
26Neatfreak 47 [from the "3OH!3"]02:09
27Photo Finish [from the "Want"]03:55
28Punk Bitch [from the "Want"]03:51
29R.I.P. [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:44
30Rich Man [from the "Want"]03:19
31Saydem Up [from the "3OH!3"]03:06
32See You Go [from the "Streets of Gold"]02:47
33Starstruckk [from the "Want"]03:04
34Starstrukk (ft. Katy Perry) [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:22
35Still Around [from the "Want"]03:07
36Strrets Of Gold [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:13
37Tapp [from the "Want"]01:01
38Touchin On My [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:03
39WeAre Young [from the "Streets of Gold"]03:18

3OH!3 - top artists list [#348]


3OH!3 is an American musical group from Boulder, Colorado formed in 2004. They are best known for their hit single "Don't Trust Me", which reached #7 in the US, their recent single "Starstrukk" featuring Katy Perry, which is currently a top 10 hit in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland and Australia, their #1 digital hit "Blah Blah Blah" with Ke$ha.


  • Electro-hop,
  • Electronic rock,
  • Alternative hip hop,
  • Rapcore,
  • Crunkcore
  • Starstruckk by 3OH!3

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