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Mirage Rock by Band of Horses [2021] [album editions]

Mirage Rock (Band of Horses)

Track listing

1Knock Knock
2How To Live
3Slow Cruel Hands of Time
4A Little Biblical
5Shut-In Tourist
6Dumpster World
7Electric Music
8Everything's Gonna Be Undone
10Long Vows
11Heartbreak On The 101
12Mirage Rock
13Irmo Bats
14Relly's Dream

Band of Horses albums

1Cease to Begin[ 2007 ]
2Everything All the Time[ 2006 ]
3Infinite Arms[ 2010 ]
4Mirage Rock[ 2021 ]
1Cease to Begin (Band of Horses)
2Everything All the Time (Band of Horses)
3Infinite Arms (Band of Horses)
4Mirage Rock (Band of Horses)

Band of Horses songs

1A Little Biblical [from the "Mirage Rock"]02:54
2Blue Beard [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:22
3Bock [from the "Mirage Rock"]04:44
4Catalina [from the "Mirage Rock"]04:23
5Cigarettes, Wedding Bands [from the "Cease to Begin"]04:35
6Compliments [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:27
7Detlef Schrempf [from the "Cease to Begin"]04:28
8Dilly [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:31
9Dumpster World [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:43
10Electric Music [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:32
11Evening Kitchen [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:57
12Everything's Gonna Be Undone [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:19
13Factory [from the "Infinite Arms"]04:35
14Feud [from the "Mirage Rock"]02:56
15For Annabelle [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:06
16Heartbreak On The 101 [from the "Mirage Rock"]04:01
17How To Live [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:27
18I Go to the Barn Because I Like The [from the "Everything All the Time"]03:06
19Infinite Arms [from the "Infinite Arms"]04:08
20Irmo Bats [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:05
21Is There a Ghost [from the "Cease to Begin"]02:59
22Islands On The Coast [from the "Cease to Begin"]03:34
23Knock Knock [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:58
24Lamb On The Lam (In The City) [from the "Cease to Begin"]00:50
25Laredo [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:12
26Long Vows [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:43
27Marry Song [from the "Cease to Begin"]03:23
28Mirage Rock [from the "Mirage Rock"]04:11
29Monsters [from the "Everything All the Time"]05:21
30Neighbor [from the "Infinite Arms"]05:58
31No One's Gonna Love You [from the "Cease to Begin"]03:37
32NW Apt. [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:01
33Ode to LRC [from the "Cease to Begin"]04:16
34Older [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:28
35On My Way Back Home [from the "Infinite Arms"]03:29
36Our Swords [from the "Everything All the Time"]02:26
37Part One [from the "Everything All the Time"]02:36
38Relly's Dream [from the "Mirage Rock"]04:08
39Shut-In Tourist [from the "Mirage Rock"]04:09
40Slow Cruel Hands of Time [from the "Mirage Rock"]03:50
41St. Augustine [from the "Everything All the Time"]02:41
42The First Song [from the "Everything All the Time"]03:43
43The Funeral [from the "Everything All the Time"]05:22
44The General Specific [from the "Cease to Begin"]03:07
45The Great Salt Lake [from the "Everything All the Time"]04:45
46Weed Party [from the "Everything All the Time"]03:09
47Wicked Gil [from the "Everything All the Time"]02:57
48Window Blues [from the "Cease to Begin"]04:01

Band of Horses - top artists list [#480]

Band of Horses

Band of Horses, originally briefly known as Horses, is an American rock band formed in 2004 in Seattle by Ben Bridwell.



  • Indie rock,
  • Southern rock,
  • Alternative country
  • Knock Knock - one of the best Band of Horses songs, top songs list [#990]

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