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Doom by Job for a Cowboy [2005] [album editions]

Doom (Job for a Cowboy)

Track listing

1Catharsis for the Buried
2Entombment of a Machine
4Knee Deep
5Suspended by the Throat
6The Rising Tide

Job for a Cowboy albums

1Doom[ 2005 ]
2Genesis[ 2007 ]
3Gloom[ 2011 ]
4Live Ruination[ 2010 ]
5Ruination[ 2009 ]
6Sun Eater[ 2014 ]
1Doom (Job for a Cowboy)
2Genesis (Job for a Cowboy)
3Gloom (Job for a Cowboy)
4Live Ruination (Job for a Cowboy)
5Ruination (Job for a Cowboy)
6Sun Eater (Job for a Cowboy)

Job for a Cowboy songs

1A Global Shift [from the "Sun Eater"]03:58
2Altered from Catechization [from the "Genesis"]04:15
3Altered from Catechization (Live) [from the "Live Ruination"]03:54
4Bearing the Serpent's Lamb [from the "Genesis"]02:50
5Blasphemy [from the "Genesis"]01:42
6Buried Monuments [from the "Sun Eater"]04:56
7Butchering The Enlightened [from the "Ruination"]03:30
8Catharsis for the Buried [from the "Doom"]00:59
9Coalescing Prophecy [from the "Genesis"]03:26
10Constitutional Masturbation [from the "Ruination"]03:35
11Eating The Visions Of God [from the "Sun Eater"]06:30
12Embedded [from the "Genesis"]03:36
13Embedded (Live) [from the "Live Ruination"]03:32
14Encircled By Mirrors [from the "Sun Eater"]04:46
15Entombment of a Machine [from the "Doom"]04:11
16Entombment of a Machine (Live) [from the "Live Ruination"]04:27
17Execution Parade [from the "Gloom"]03:04
18Knee Deep [from the "Doom"]04:34
19Lords Of Chaos [from the "Ruination"]03:36
20March To Global Enslavement [from the "Ruination"]06:05
21Martyrdom Unsealed [from the "Genesis"]02:36
22Misery Reformatory [from the "Gloom"]03:54
23Plastic Idols [from the "Gloom"]04:44
24Psychological Immorality [from the "Ruination"]03:08
25Reduced to Mere Filth [from the "Genesis"]02:59
26Regurgitated Disinformation [from the "Ruination"]04:46
27Regurgitated Disinformation (Live) [from the "Live Ruination"]04:56
28Relinquished [from the "Doom"]04:56
29Ruination [from the "Ruination"]04:55
30Signature of Starving Power [from the "Gloom"]03:45
31Strings of Hypocrisy [from the "Genesis"]02:25
32Summon the Hounds [from the "Ruination"]03:51
33Sun of Nihility [from the "Sun Eater"]05:33
34Suspended by the Throat [from the "Doom"]04:49
35The Celestial Antidote [from the "Sun Eater"]06:08
36The Divine Falsehood [from the "Genesis"]04:24
37The Matter of Splatter (Exhumed Cover) [from the "Live Ruination"]03:43
38The Rising Tide [from the "Doom"]04:17
39The Stone Cross [from the "Sun Eater"]03:40
40The Synthetic Sea [from the "Sun Eater"]04:50
41To Detonate And Exterminate [from the "Ruination"]03:22
42Unfurling a Darkened Gospel [from the "Ruination"]03:43
43Unfurling a Darkened Gospel (Live) [from the "Live Ruination"]03:50
44Upheaval [from the "Genesis"]02:35
45Worming Nightfall [from the "Sun Eater"]06:20

Job for a Cowboy

Job for a Cowboy

Job for a Cowboy is an American death metal band from Glendale, Arizona, formed in 2003. []


  • Death metal,
  • Deathcore
  • Entombment of a Machine by Job for a Cowboy

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