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Angels by Within Temptation [2005] [album editions]

Angels (Within Temptation)

Track listing

2Say My Name
3Forsaken (Live)
4The Promise (Live)
5Angels (Live)

Within Temptation albums

1Angels[ 2005 ]
2Enter[ 1997 ]
3Ice Queen[ 2003 ]
4Memories[ 2005 ]
5Mother Earth[ 2003 ]
6Running Up That Hill[ 2003 ]
7Stand My Ground[ 2004 ]
8The Dance[ 1998 ]
9The Heart Of Everything[ 2007 ]
10The Silent Force[ 2005 ]
11The Silent Force Tour[ 2006 ]
1Angels (Within Temptation)
2Enter (Within Temptation)
3Ice Queen (Within Temptation)
4Memories (Within Temptation)
5Mother Earth (Within Temptation)
6Running Up That Hill (Within Temptation)
7Stand My Ground (Within Temptation)
8The Dance (Within Temptation)
9The Heart Of Everything (Within Temptation)
10The Silent Force (Within Temptation)
11The Silent Force Tour (Within Temptation)

Within Temptation songs

1A Dangerous Mind [from the "The Silent Force"]04:16
2A Dangerous Mind (Live at Bataclan Paris) [from the "Memories"]04:08
3All I Need [from the "The Heart Of Everything"]04:51
4Angels [from the "Angels"]04:02
5Angels [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:08
6Angels [from the "The Silent Force"]04:00
7Angels (Live) [from the "Angels"]04:07
8Another Day [from the "The Dance"]05:45
9Aquarius [from the "The Silent Force"]04:46
10Aquarius (Orchestral Version) [from the "Memories"]04:46
11Blooded [from the "Enter"]03:37
12Caged [from the "Mother Earth"]05:51
13Caged (Live at Lowlands 2002) [from the "Running Up That Hill"]05:52
14Candles [from the "Enter"]07:07
15Candles [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]06:58
16Dark Wings [from the "Mother Earth"]04:18
17Deceiver Of Fools [from the "Mother Earth"]07:39
18Deceiver Of Fools [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]07:24
19Deceiver of Fools (Live at Lowlands 2002) [from the "Running Up That Hill"]07:40
20Deep Within [from the "Enter"]04:30
21Destroyed (Unreleased Demo) [from the "Memories"]04:54
22Enter [from the "Enter"]07:14
23Final Destination [from the "The Heart Of Everything"]04:42
24Forgiven [from the "The Heart Of Everything"]04:53
25Forsaken [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:58
26Forsaken [from the "The Silent Force"]04:53
27Forsaken (Live) [from the "Angels"]04:57
28Frozen [from the "The Heart Of Everything"]04:28
29Gatekeeper [from the "Enter"]06:43
30Grace [from the "Enter"]05:09
31Hand Of Sorrow [from the "The Heart Of Everything"]05:36
32Ice Queen [from the "Mother Earth"]05:24
33Ice Queen [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]05:10
34Ice Queen (Acoustic at MXL) [from the "Ice Queen"]03:52
35Ice Queen (Live at Leidse Kade) [from the "Ice Queen"]05:10
36Ice Queen (Single Edit) [from the "Ice Queen"]03:49
37In Perfect Harmony [from the "Mother Earth"]06:58
38Intro [from the "Mother Earth"]01:10
39Intro [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]01:56
40Intro [from the "The Silent Force"]01:58
41It's The Fear [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:12
42It's the Fear [from the "Stand My Ground"]04:08
43It's the Fear [from the "The Silent Force"]04:06
44Jane Doe [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:47
45Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:59
46Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) [from the "The Silent Force"]04:46
47memories [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:00
48Memories [from the "The Silent Force"]03:51
49Memories (Single Version) [from the "Memories"]03:30
50Memories (Live at Bataclan Paris 2004) [from the "Memories"]04:01
51Mother Earth [from the "Mother Earth"]05:33
52Mother Earth [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]05:39
53Mother Earth (Orchestra Version) [from the "Running Up That Hill"]03:28
54Never Ending Story (Live at Lowlands 2002) [from the "Running Up That Hill"]04:22
55Never-Ending Story [from the "Mother Earth"]04:06
56Our Farewell [from the "Mother Earth"]05:22
57Our Solemn Hour [from the "The Heart Of Everything"]04:17
58Overcome [from the "Stand My Ground"]04:04
59Pale [from the "The Silent Force Tour"]04:29
60Pale [from the "The Silent Force"]04:28

Within Temptation

Within Temptation

Within Temptation is a Dutch metal/rock band.

The band was founded in 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.

Their music is described as symphonic metal, although their earlier material, such as Enter, was gothic metal.

After the release of their first album Enter, the band became prominent in the Dutch underground scene. []


  • Symphonic metal,
  • Symphonic rock,
  • Gothic metal
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