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The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel) by Tiamat [1994] [album editions]

The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel) (Tiamat)

Track listing

1In A Dream
2Ancient Entity
3The Sleeping Beauty
4Mountain Of Doom
5Angels Far Beyond

Tiamat albums

1A Deeper Kind of Slumber[ 1997 ]
2Amanethes[ 2008 ]
3Clouds[ 1992 ]
4Commandments[ 2007 ]
5Judas Christ[ 2002 ]
6Prey[ 2003 ]
7Skeleton Skeletron[ 1999 ]
8Sumerian Cry[ 1990 ]
9The Astral Sleep[ 1991 ]
10The Musical History Of Tiamat[ 1995 ]
11The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)[ 1994 ]
12Wildhoney[ 1994 ]
1A Deeper Kind of Slumber (Tiamat)
2Amanethes (Tiamat)
3Clouds (Tiamat)
4Commandments (Tiamat)
5Judas Christ (Tiamat)
6Prey (Tiamat)
7Skeleton Skeletron (Tiamat)
8Sumerian Cry (Tiamat)
9The Astral Sleep (Tiamat)
10The Musical History Of Tiamat (Tiamat)
11The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel) (Tiamat)
12Wildhoney (Tiamat)

Tiamat songs

61In a Dream [from the "Clouds"]05:12
62In A Dream [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]04:33
63In A Dream [from the "The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)"]05:00
64In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead [from the "Sumerian Cry"]04:09
65Kaleidoscope [from the "Wildhoney"]01:20
66Kaleidoscope [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]00:31
67Katarraktis Apo Aima [from the "Amanethes"]02:44
68Kite [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]02:03
69Lady Temptress [from the "The Astral Sleep"]03:44
70Light In Extension [from the "Prey"]04:46
71Love In Chains [from the "Prey"]04:25
72Love Is As Good As Soma [from the "Judas Christ"]06:42
73Lucienne [from the "Amanethes"]04:43
74Lucy [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]05:17
75Meliae [from the "Amanethes"]06:12
76Misantropolis [from the "Amanethes"]04:15
77Mount Marilyn [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]10:33
78Mountain of Doom [from the "The Astral Sleep"]04:36
79Mountain Of Doom [from the "The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)"]05:27
80Necrophagios Shadows [from the "Sumerian Cry"]04:36
81Neo Aeon (Intro) [from the "The Astral Sleep"]02:09
82Nihil [from the "Prey"]06:09
83Nocturnal Funeral [from the "Sumerian Cry"]04:04
84On Golden Wings [from the "The Astral Sleep"]04:58
85On Golden Wings [from the "Commandments"]04:58
86Only in My Tears It Lasts [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]04:48
87Phantasma De Luxe [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]04:57
88Phantasma De Luxe [from the "Commandments"]04:57
89Planets [from the "Wildhoney"]03:13
90Prey [from the "Prey"]03:31
91Raining Dead Angels [from the "Amanethes"]04:20
92Sixshooter [from the "Judas Christ"]04:09
93Smell of Incense [from the "Clouds"]04:29
94Smell Of Insence [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]04:29
95So Much For Suicide [from the "Judas Christ"]04:22
96Spine [from the "Judas Christ"]04:04
97Sumer By Night [from the "Judas Christ"]02:37
98Sumerian Cry (Part I) [from the "Sumerian Cry"]00:54
99Sumerian Cry (Part III) [from the "The Astral Sleep"]05:16
100Summertime Is Gone [from the "Amanethes"]03:55
101Sympathy For The Devil [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]05:20
102Ten Thousand Tentacles [from the "Prey"]01:34
103Teonanacatl [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]04:17
104The Ar [from the "Wildhoney"]05:04
105The Ar [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]04:55
106The Desolate One [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]03:43
107The Garden Of Heathen [from the "Prey"]01:25
108The Malicious Paradise [from the "Sumerian Cry"]04:28
109The Pentagram [from the "Prey"]07:20
110The Return Of The Son Of Nothing [from the "Judas Christ"]04:58
111The Return Of The Sun Of Nothing [from the "Commandments"]04:58
112The Scapegoat [from the "Clouds"]04:56
113The Seal (Outro) [from the "The Astral Sleep"]01:52
114The Sign Of The Pentagram [from the "Sumerian Cry"]03:56
115The Sign Of The Pentagram [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]03:53
116The Sleeping Beauty [from the "Clouds"]04:10
117The Sleeping Beauty [from the "Commandments"]04:10
118The Sleeping Beauty [from the "The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)"]04:30
119The Sleeping Beauty 1 [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]04:12
120The Sleeping Beauty 2 [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]04:28



Tiamat is a heavy metal band that formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988. []


  • Progressive metal,
  • Gothic metal,
  • Black metal (early),
  • Death/doom (early)
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