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Skeleton Skeletron by Tiamat [1999] [album editions]

Skeleton Skeletron (Tiamat)

Track listing

1Church Of Tiamat
2Brighter Than The Sun
3Dust Is Our Face
4To Have And Have Not
5For Her Pleasure
7Sympathy For The Devil
8Best Friend Money Can Buy
9As Long As You Are Mine

Tiamat albums

1A Deeper Kind of Slumber[ 1997 ]
2Amanethes[ 2008 ]
3Clouds[ 1992 ]
4Commandments[ 2007 ]
5Judas Christ[ 2002 ]
6Prey[ 2003 ]
7Skeleton Skeletron[ 1999 ]
8Sumerian Cry[ 1990 ]
9The Astral Sleep[ 1991 ]
10The Musical History Of Tiamat[ 1995 ]
11The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)[ 1994 ]
12Wildhoney[ 1994 ]
1A Deeper Kind of Slumber (Tiamat)
2Amanethes (Tiamat)
3Clouds (Tiamat)
4Commandments (Tiamat)
5Judas Christ (Tiamat)
6Prey (Tiamat)
7Skeleton Skeletron (Tiamat)
8Sumerian Cry (Tiamat)
9The Astral Sleep (Tiamat)
10The Musical History Of Tiamat (Tiamat)
11The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel) (Tiamat)
12Wildhoney (Tiamat)

Tiamat songs

125th Floor [from the "Wildhoney"]01:50
225Th Floor [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]01:02
3A Caress of Stars [from the "Clouds"]05:26
4A Caress Of Stars [from the "Commandments"]05:22
5A Caress Of Stars [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]05:26
6A Deeper Kind of Slumber [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]05:47
7A Pocket Size Sun [from the "Wildhoney"]08:05
8A Pocket Size Sun 1 [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]08:03
9A Pocket Size Sun 2 [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]08:40
10A Winter Shadow [from the "The Astral Sleep"]05:23
11A Winter Shadow [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]05:26
12Altar Flame [from the "Sumerian Cry"]04:30
13Alteration X 10 [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]05:09
14Amanes [from the "Amanethes"]05:28
15Amanitis [from the "Amanethes"]03:23
16Ancient Entity [from the "The Astral Sleep"]06:17
17Ancient Entity [from the "Commandments"]06:15
18Ancient Entity [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]05:55
19Ancient Entity [from the "The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)"]06:32
20Angel Holograms [from the "Judas Christ"]03:38
21Angels Far Beyond [from the "The Astral Sleep"]04:42
22Angels Far Beyond [from the "The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel)"]08:49
23Apothesis Of Morbidity [from the "Sumerian Cry"]06:06
24As Long As You Are Mine [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]04:41
25As Long As You Are Mine [from the "Commandments"]04:40
26Atlantis as a Lover [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]05:27
27Best Friend Money Can Buy [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]04:35
28Brighter Than The Sun [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]04:07
29Brighter Than The Sun [from the "Commandments"]04:08
30Cain [from the "Prey"]05:25
31Cain [from the "Commandments"]05:06
32Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine [from the "Prey"]04:38
33Church Of Tiamat [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]04:52
34Circles [from the "Amanethes"]03:50
35Clouds [from the "Clouds"]03:40
36Clovenhoof [from the "Prey"]04:54
37Cold Seed [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]03:51
38Cold Seed [from the "Commandments"]03:51
39Dead Boys Choir [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]01:55
40Dead Boys' Choir [from the "The Astral Sleep"]01:53
41Divided [from the "Prey"]05:18
42Divided (Edit) [from the "Commandments"]03:58
43Diyala [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]01:25
44Do You Dream of Me? [from the "Wildhoney"]05:06
45Do You Dream of Me? 1 [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]05:06
46Do You Dream of Me? 2 [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]03:28
47Dust Is Our Face [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]05:03
48Equinox Of The Gods [from the "Amanethes"]04:37
49Evilized [from the "Sumerian Cry"]05:00
50Fireflower [from the "Judas Christ"]03:46
51For Her Pleasure [from the "Skeleton Skeletron"]05:04
52Forever Burning Flames [from the "Clouds"]04:22
53Four Leary Biscuits [from the "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"]04:03
54Gaia [from the "Wildhoney"]06:27
55Gaia [from the "Commandments"]06:24
56Gaia [from the "The Musical History Of Tiamat"]06:23
57Heaven Of High [from the "Judas Christ"]03:51
58However You Look At It You Loose [from the "Judas Christ"]04:09
59I Am In Love With Myself [from the "Judas Christ"]04:22
60I am the King (of Dreams) [from the "The Astral Sleep"]04:34



Tiamat is a heavy metal band that formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988. []


  • Progressive metal,
  • Gothic metal,
  • Black metal (early),
  • Death/doom (early)
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