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Bunkka by Paul Oakenfold [2002] [album editions]

Bunkka (Paul Oakenfold)

Track listing

1Ready Steady Go (Paul Oakenfold feat. Asher D)
2Southern Sun
3Time Of Your Life (feat. Perry Farrell & Grant Lee Phillips)
5Zoo York
6Nixon's Spirit (feat. Hunter S. Thompson)
7Hold Your Hand
8Starry-Eyed Surprise
9Get Em Up (Feat. Ice Cube)
10Motion (feat. Grant Lee Phillips)
11The Harder They Come (feat. Nelly Furtado & Tricky)
12Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged mix)

Paul Oakenfold albums

1Bunkka[ 2002 ]
2Harder They Come (single)[ 2003 ]
3Ibiza[ 2001 ]
4Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
5Ready Steady Go[ 2002 ]
6Southern Sun (single)[ 1999 ]
1Bunkka (Paul Oakenfold)
2Harder They Come (single) (Paul Oakenfold)
3Ibiza (Paul Oakenfold)
4Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Ready Steady Go (Paul Oakenfold)
6Southern Sun (single) (Paul Oakenfold)

Paul Oakenfold songs

1Beautiful Day [The Perfecto Mix] - U2 [from the "Ibiza"] 
2Bumper [Plump DJ's Mix] [from the "Ibiza"] 
3Day After [from the "Ibiza"] 
4Deep Blue [Remix] [from the "Ibiza"] 
5Different Signs [from the "Ibiza"] 
6Dread Rock - Oakenfold [from the "Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack)"]04:40
7Feeling - A B, DC [from the "Ibiza"] 
8Get Em Up (Feat. Ice Cube) [from the "Bunkka"]03:50
9Hold Your Hand [from the "Bunkka"]03:40
10Hypnotised [from the "Bunkka"]06:35
11I Feel Loved [Danny Tenaglia's Labour of Love Mix] - Depeche Mode [from the "Ibiza"] 
12Idioteque - Radiohead (1) [from the "Ibiza"] 
13Idioteque - Radiohead (2) [from the "Ibiza"] 
14Maas Attacks - Timo Maas [from the "Ibiza"] 
15Megatron [from the "Ibiza"] 
16Mortal [from the "Harder They Come (single)"] 
17Motion (feat. Grant Lee Phillips) [from the "Bunkka"]06:24
18Narayan - The Prodigy [from the "Ibiza"] 
19Nixon's Spirit (feat. Hunter S. Thompson) [from the "Bunkka"]02:48
20Open Your Eyes [Instrumental] [from the "Ibiza"] 
21Ready Steady Go (Edit) [from the "Southern Sun (single)"] 
22Ready Steady Go (Paul Oakenfold feat. Asher D) [from the "Bunkka"]04:13
23Ready_Steady_Go (Extended Version) [from the "Ready Steady Go"] 
24Ready_Steady_Go (Radio Edit) [from the "Ready Steady Go"] 
25ResuRection [Space Club Mix] - PPK [from the "Ibiza"]04:29
26Sepia - Max Graham [from the "Ibiza"] 
27Silent Words [Solarstone Vocal Mix] - Jan Johnston [from the "Ibiza"] 
28Southern Sun [from the "Bunkka"]06:57
29Southern Sun (Breakz Dub Mix) [from the "Ready Steady Go"] 
30Southern Sun (Breakz Mix) [from the "Ready Steady Go"] 
31Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix) [from the "Southern Sun (single)"] 
32Southern Sun (Edit) [from the "Southern Sun (single)"] 
33Southern Sun (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged mix) [from the "Bunkka"]08:17
34Starry Eyed Suprise (Live) [from the "Harder They Come (single)"] 
35Starry-Eyed Surprise [from the "Bunkka"]03:44
36Summer Song (Be My Friend) [Davoli's Propane Mix] [from the "Ibiza"] 
37Superstar [Bill Hamel Mix] - Jan Johnston [from the "Ibiza"] 
38The Harder They Come [from the "Harder They Come (single)"]03:45
39The Harder They Come (feat. Nelly Furtado & Tricky) [from the "Bunkka"]03:45
40This Is Not a Breakdown - Realm [from the "Ibiza"] 
41Time Of Your Life (feat. Perry Farrell & Grant Lee Phillips) [from the "Bunkka"]04:18
42Transit [from the "Ibiza"] 
43Waiting [John Creamer Remix] [from the "Ibiza"] 
44Zoo York [from the "Bunkka"]05:25

Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold is a British record producer and a trance DJ.

Paul Oakenfold's musical career began in the late 1970s.


  • Trance,
  • Techno
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