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This Is Exile by Whitechapel [2008] [album editions]

This Is Exile (Whitechapel)

Track listing

1Father of Lies
2This Is Exile
4To All That Are Dead
6Somatically Incorrect
7Death Becomes Him
8Daemon (The Procreated)
9Eternal Refuge
10Of Legions

Whitechapel albums

1A New Era of Corruption[ 2010 ]
2Recorrupted[ 2011 ]
3The Somatic Defilement[ 2007 ]
4This Is Exile[ 2008 ]
1A New Era of Corruption (Whitechapel)
2Recorrupted (Whitechapel)
3The Somatic Defilement (Whitechapel)
4This Is Exile (Whitechapel)

Whitechapel songs

1A Future Corrupt [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]02:57
2Alone in the Morgue [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]02:53
3Articulo Morti [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]04:03
4Breeding Violence [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:19
5Breeding Violence (Big Chocolate Remix) [from the "Recorrupted"]02:52
6Daemon (The Procreated) [from the "This Is Exile"]03:13
7Death Becomes Him [from the "This Is Exile"]03:18
8Devirgination Studies [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]03:12
9Devolver [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:58
10Ear to Ear [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]03:30
11End of Flesh [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]04:03
12End of Flesh (Acoustic Version) [from the "Recorrupted"]04:19
13Eternal Refuge [from the "This Is Exile"]03:42
14Exalt [from the "This Is Exile"]03:05
15Fairy Fay [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]03:33
16Father of Lies [from the "This Is Exile"]04:03
17Festering Fiesta [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]02:29
18Messiahbolical [from the "This Is Exile"]07:22
19Murder Sermon [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:59
20Necromechanical [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]04:21
21Necrotizing [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]00:35
22Of Legions [from the "This Is Exile"]02:43
23Possession [from the "This Is Exile"]05:04
24Prayer of Mockery [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:35
25Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]03:33
26Reprogrammed to Hate [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:46
27Section 8 [from the "Recorrupted"]04:26
28Single File to Dehumanization [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]04:43
29Somatically Incorrect [from the "This Is Exile"]03:10
30Strength Beyond Strength (Pantera Cover) [from the "Recorrupted"]03:48
31The Darkest Day of Man [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:00
32The Somatic Defilement [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]05:19
33This Is Exile [from the "This Is Exile"]03:40
34This Is Exile (Ben Weinman Remix) [from the "Recorrupted"]03:15
35To All That Are Dead [from the "This Is Exile"]03:38
36Unnerving [from the "A New Era of Corruption"]03:39
37Vicer Exciser [from the "The Somatic Defilement"]02:52
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