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My World by Avril Lavigne [2003] [album editions]

My World (Avril Lavigne)

Track listing

1Sk8er Boi
2Nobody's Fool
4Anything But Ordinary
5Losing Grip
7Too Much To Ask
8I Dont Give
9Basket Case
10Introducing the Band
11My World
12Im With You
16Knocking on Heavens Door
17Things Ill Never Say

Avril Lavigne albums

1Alice[ 2010 ]
2Avril Lavigne[ 2013 ]
3Diamond Collection[ 2006 ]
4Goodbye Lullaby[ 2011 ]
5Let Go[ 2002 ]
6Live Acoustic[ 2004 ]
7My World[ 2003 ]
8The Best Damn Thing[ 2007 ]
9The Softer Side[ 2009 ]
10Under My Skin[ 2004 ]
1Alice (Avril Lavigne)
2Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne)
3Diamond Collection (Avril Lavigne)
4Goodbye Lullaby (Avril Lavigne)
5Let Go (Avril Lavigne)
6Live Acoustic (Avril Lavigne)
7My World (Avril Lavigne)
8The Best Damn Thing (Avril Lavigne)
9The Softer Side (Avril Lavigne)
10Under My Skin (Avril Lavigne)

Avril Lavigne songs

117 [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:25
24 Real [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]03:28
3Alice [from the "Alice"]03:35
4Alice (Extended Version) [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]05:00
5Anithing But Ordinary [from the "Diamond Collection"]04:11
6Anything But Ordinary [from the "Let Go"]04:11
7Anything But Ordinary [from the "My World"]04:10
8Bad Girl (ft. Marilyn Manson) [from the "Avril Lavigne"]02:56
9Bad Reputation [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]02:42
10Basket Case [from the "My World"]03:16
11Bitchin' Summer [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:31
12Black Star [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]01:34
13Complicated [from the "Diamond Collection"]04:04
14Complicated [from the "Let Go"]04:05
15Complicated [from the "My World"]04:43
16Complicated (Acoustic) [from the "Let Go"]04:44
17Contagious [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]02:09
18Darlin' [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]03:50
19Don't Tell Me [from the "The Softer Side"]03:20
20Don't Tell Me [from the "Diamond Collection"]03:22
21Don't Tell Me [from the "Live Acoustic"]03:40
22Don't Tell Me [from the "Under My Skin"]03:22
23Don't Tell Me (Live Acoustic) [from the "Diamond Collection"]03:40
24Everybody Hurts [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]03:41
25Everything Back But You [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]03:02
26Fall To Pieces [from the "The Softer Side"]03:26
27Fall To Pieces [from the "Under My Skin"]03:28
28Falling Fast [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:13
29Forgotten [from the "Under My Skin"]03:17
30Freak Out [from the "Diamond Collection"]03:13
31Freak Out [from the "Under My Skin"]03:13
32Girlfriend [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]03:36
33Give You What You Like [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:45
34Goodbye [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]04:32
35He Wasn't [from the "Live Acoustic"]03:19
36He Wasn't [from the "Under My Skin"]02:59
37Hello Heartache [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:49
38Hello Kitty [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:17
39Here's to Never Growing Up [from the "Avril Lavigne"]03:34
40Hot [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]03:23
41How Does it Feel [from the "Under My Skin"]03:45
42Hush Hush [from the "Avril Lavigne"]04:01
43I Always Get What I Want (Bonus) [from the "Under My Skin"]02:33
44I Can Do Better [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]03:15
45I Dont Give [from the "My World"]04:20
46I Don't Have To Try [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]03:17
47I Love You [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]04:02
48I Will Be [from the "The Softer Side"]04:00
49Im With You [from the "Diamond Collection"]03:43
50Im With You [from the "Let Go"]03:44
51Im With You [from the "My World"]05:02
52I'm With You [from the "The Softer Side"]03:41
53Innocence [from the "The Softer Side"]03:53
54Innocence [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]03:52
55Introducing the Band [from the "My World"]00:38
56Keep Holding On [from the "The Softer Side"]04:00
57Keep Holding On [from the "The Best Damn Thing"]04:01
58Knockin' On Heaven's Door [from the "Goodbye Lullaby"]02:52
59Knocking on Heavens Door [from the "My World"]03:27
60Knocking On Heavens Door (Live) [from the "The Softer Side"]03:27

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Avril Lavigne

Avril Ramona Lavigne-Whibley is a Canadian rock singer and musician.

She has sold over twenty-six million albums worldwide.[citation needed] In 2006, Canadian Business Magazine ranked her the seventh most powerful Canadian in Hollywood. []


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  • Im With You by Avril Lavigne

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