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Dirty Deal by Coco Montoya [2007] [album editions]

Dirty Deal (Coco Montoya)

Track listing

1Last Dirty Deal
2Three Sides to Every Story
3Love Gotcha
4How Do You Sleep at Night?
5It Takes Time
6It's My Own Tears
7Coin Operated Love
8Clean Slate
9Put the Shoe on the Other Foot
10It's All Your Fault
11Ain't No Brakeman

Coco Montoya albums

1Dirty Deal[ 2007 ]
2Gotta Mind to Travel[ 1995 ]
3Ya Think I'd Know Better[ 1996 ]
1Dirty Deal (Coco Montoya)
2Gotta Mind to Travel (Coco Montoya)
3Ya Think I'd Know Better (Coco Montoya)

Coco Montoya songs

1Ain't No Brakeman [from the "Dirty Deal"]03:41
2Am I Losing You [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]06:41
3Big Boy Pete [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]03:31
4Can't Get My Ass In Gear [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]04:04
5Clean Slate [from the "Dirty Deal"]03:57
6Coin Operated Love [from the "Dirty Deal"]04:32
7Dyin' Flu [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]06:09
8Fool In Love [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]02:53
9Gotta Mind to Travel [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]03:52
10Hiding Place [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]05:04
11How Do You Sleep at Night? [from the "Dirty Deal"]05:15
12It Takes Time [from the "Dirty Deal"]04:49
13It's All Your Fault [from the "Dirty Deal"]06:40
14It's My Own Tears [from the "Dirty Deal"]06:01
15Last Dirty Deal [from the "Dirty Deal"]03:54
16Love Gotcha [from the "Dirty Deal"]03:21
17Love Jail [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]03:46
18Monkey See, Monkey Do [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]04:13
19Nothin' in the Streets [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]05:02
20Put the Shoe on the Other Foot [from the "Dirty Deal"]04:38
21Same Dog [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]04:48
22Seven Desires [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]04:18
23Someday after Awhile [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]05:05
24Talkin' Woman Blues [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]04:02
25The Heart Of Soul [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]04:46
26Three Sides to Every Story [from the "Dirty Deal"]03:59
27Too Much Of A Good Thing [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]04:30
28Too Much Water [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]04:02
29Top of the Hill [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]04:32
30Tumbleweed [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]04:07
31You Don't Love Me [from the "Gotta Mind to Travel"]05:12
32You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now [from the "Ya Think I'd Know Better"]05:10

Coco Montoya

Coco Montoya

Coco Montoya (born Henry Montoya, October 2, 1951, Santa Monica, California) is an American blues guitarist. []


  • Blues,
  • Blue-eyed soul
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