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Rhythm and Stealth by Leftfield [1999] [album editions]

Rhythm and Stealth (Leftfield)

Track listing

1Dusted (ft. Roots Manuva)
2Phat Planet
3Chant of a Poor Man (ft. Cheshire Cat)
4Double Flash
5El Cid
6Afrika Shox (ft. Afrika Bambaataa)
7Dub Gussett
8Swords (ft. Nicole Willis)
96/8 War
10Rino's Prayer (ft. Rino)

Leftfield albums

1Alternative Light Source[ 2015 ]
2Cafe del Mar, Vol. 1[ 1999 ]
3Go (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
4Hackers[ 1996 ]
5Leftism[ 1995 ]
6Rhythm and Stealth[ 1999 ]
7Tomb Raider (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
8Trainspotting (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
1Alternative Light Source (Leftfield)
2Cafe del Mar, Vol. 1 (Various artists)
3Go (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Hackers (Various artists)
5Leftism (Leftfield)
6Rhythm and Stealth (Leftfield)
7Tomb Raider (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Trainspotting (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Leftfield songs

121st Century Poem [from the "Leftism"]05:45
26/8 War [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]04:12
3A Final Hit - Leftfield [from the "Trainspotting (Soundtrack)"] 
4Afrika Shox (ft. Afrika Bambaataa) [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]05:36
5Afro-Left [from the "Leftism"]07:34
6Alternative Light Source [from the "Alternative Light Source"]03:16
7Bad Radio (ft. Tunde Adebimpe) [from the "Alternative Light Source"]05:22
8Bilocation (ft. Channy Leaneagh of Polica) [from the "Alternative Light Source"]04:24
9Black Flute [from the "Leftism"]03:46
10Chant of a Poor Man (ft. Cheshire Cat) [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]05:56
11Dark Matters [from the "Alternative Light Source"]05:02
12Double Flash [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]04:12
13Dub Gussett [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]04:51
14Dusted (ft. Roots Manuva) [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]04:41
15El Cid [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]06:01
16Fanfare of Life - Leftfield [from the "Cafe del Mar, Vol. 1"]06:07
17Head and Shoulders (ft. Sleaford Mods) [from the "Alternative Light Source"]05:24
18Inspection (Check One) [from the "Leftism"]06:29
19Levitate For You (ft. Ofei) [from the "Alternative Light Source"]05:14
20Little Fish (ft. Channy Leaneagh of Polica) [from the "Alternative Light Source"]06:09
21Melt [from the "Leftism"]05:12
22Open Up [from the "Leftism"]06:51
23Open Up - Leftfield [from the "Hackers"]06:51
24Original [from the "Leftism"]06:22
25Phat Planet [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]05:23
26Release The Pressure [from the "Leftism"]07:40
27Rino's Prayer (ft. Rino) [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]06:54
28Shaker Obsesssion [from the "Alternative Light Source"]05:22
29Song Of Life - Leftfield [from the "Tomb Raider (Soundtrack)"] 
30Songs Of Life [from the "Leftism"]07:03
31Space Shanty [from the "Leftism"]07:15
32Storm 3000 [from the "Leftism"]05:44
33Storms End [from the "Alternative Light Source"]05:00
34Swords - Leftfield ft. Nicole Willis [from the "Go (Soundtrack)"] 
35Swords (ft. Nicole Willis) [from the "Rhythm and Stealth"]05:06
36Universal Everything (ft. Georgia Barnes) [from the "Alternative Light Source"]07:06



Leftfield is a British electronic project formed in 1989 in London. []


  • Progressive house,
  • Electronic,
  • Dub music,
  • Trip hop
  • Swords (ft. Nicole Willis) by Leftfield

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