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Death to Traitors by Paw [1995] [album editions]

Death to Traitors (Paw)

Track listing

1No Such Luck
2Seasoned Glove
3Hope I Die Tonight
5Last One
6Death To Traitors
7Built Low
8Glue Mouth Kid
10Max The Silent
11Sweet Sally Brown

Paw albums

1Death to Traitors[ 1995 ]
2Dragline[ 1993 ]
3Home Is A Strange Place[ 2000 ]
4Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself[ 1998 ]
1Death to Traitors (Paw)
2Dragline (Paw)
3Home Is A Strange Place (Paw)
4Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself (Paw)

Paw songs

130 Days [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]02:28
2Badger [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:27
3Blow Wind [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]04:08
4Built Low [from the "Death to Traitors"]05:53
5Couldn't Know [from the "Dragline"]04:10
6Cowpoke [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:22
7Death To Traitors [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:44
8Dragline [from the "Dragline"]05:06
9Gasoline [from the "Dragline"]04:46
10Glue Mouth Kid [from the "Death to Traitors"]03:30
11Hard Pig [from the "Dragline"]05:07
12Home Is a Strange Place [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]05:49
13Hope I Die Tonight [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:49
14I know Where You Sleep [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]04:36
15Imaginary Lover [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]04:36
16Into the Woods [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]04:30
17Jessie [from the "Dragline"]03:13
18Kid Cotton [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]04:16
19Last One [from the "Death to Traitors"]03:50
20Lolita [from the "Dragline"]04:55
21Max The Silent [from the "Death to Traitors"]03:52
22Naiad [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]05:35
23No Such Luck [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:26
24Oily Rags [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]02:56
25One Handed in the Red Room [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]04:02
26One More Bottle [from the "Dragline"]04:03
27Pansy [from the "Dragline"]03:26
28Peach [from the "Death to Traitors"]02:28
29Remora [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]02:46
30Ruby red [from the "Home Is A Strange Place"]01:27
31School [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]02:55
32Seasoned Glove [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:00
33Sleeping Bag [from the "Dragline"]04:05
34Slowburn [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]02:18
35Street Justice [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]03:36
36Sugar Cane [from the "Dragline"]03:45
37Sunflower [from the "Death to Traitors"]04:03
38Surrender [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]03:55
39Sweet Sally Brown [from the "Death to Traitors"]05:52
40Swollen [from the "Death to Traitors"]03:01
41Texas [from the "Death to Traitors"]03:31
42The Bridge [from the "Dragline"]03:33
43The Bridge [from the "Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself"]03:46
44Veronica [from the "Dragline"]03:58
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