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Choir Of Horrors by Messiah [1991] [album editions]

Choir Of Horrors (Messiah)

Track listing

1Choir of Horrors
2Akasha Chronicle
3Weeping Willow
4Lycantropus Erectus
5Mьnchhausen Syndrom
6Cautio Criminalis
7Northern Command

Messiah albums

1Choir Of Horrors[ 1991 ]
2Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)[ 1987 ]
3Hymn to Abramelin[ 1986 ]
4Psychomorphia[ 1991 ]
5Rotten Perish[ 1992 ]
6Underground[ 1994 ]
1Choir Of Horrors (Messiah)
2Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1) (Messiah)
3Hymn to Abramelin (Messiah)
4Psychomorphia (Messiah)
5Rotten Perish (Messiah)
6Underground (Messiah)

Messiah songs

1(Never Provide) The Key of Hell [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]10:49
2Akasha Chronicle [from the "Choir Of Horrors"]03:54
3Alzheimers's Disease [from the "Rotten Perish"]03:50
4Anarchus [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]04:22
5Anorexia Nervosa [from the "Rotten Perish"]04:32
6Antichrist [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]04:30
7Ascension of a Divine Ordinance [from the "Rotten Perish"]09:49
8Battle In The Ancient North [from the "Underground"]03:36
9Birth Of A Second Individual [from the "Psychomorphia"]02:28
10Cautio Criminalis [from the "Choir Of Horrors"]04:26
11Choir of Horrors [from the "Choir Of Horrors"]04:52
12Condemned Cell [from the "Rotten Perish"]04:24
13Contrition [from the "Rotten Perish"]04:27
14Dark Lust [from the "Underground"]05:44
15Deformed Creatures [from the "Rotten Perish"]03:50
16Dreams Of Eschaton [from the "Rotten Perish"]04:47
17Empire of the Damned [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]03:08
18Enjoy Yourself [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]02:26
19Epitaph [from the "Underground"]03:38
20Extreme Cold Weather [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]04:20
21For Those Who Will Fail [from the "Rotten Perish"]04:13
22Future Agressor [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]02:27
23Future Agressor / Total Maniac (live) [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]10:00
24Golden Dawn [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]05:57
25Hymn to Abramelin [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]01:14
26Hymn To Abramelin (demo) [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]02:11
27Hymn To Abramelin / Messiah (extra version) / Space Invaders [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]07:21
28Hyper Borea [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]05:42
29Infernal Forces [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]03:46
30Johannes Paul Der Letzte (dedicated in Hate to Pope John Paul II) [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]04:02
31Lines of Thought of a Convicted Man [from the "Rotten Perish"]01:32
32Living In A Lie [from the "Underground"]04:36
33Living With A Confidence [from the "Rotten Perish"]03:48
34Lycantropus Erectus [from the "Choir Of Horrors"]03:22
35M.A.N.I.A.C. [from the "Psychomorphia"]01:57
36Messiah (demo) [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]02:47
37Messiah (extra version) [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]02:53
38Mortal Bells [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]05:17
39Mother Theresa (Dedicated in Love to Mother Theresa) [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]01:31
40Mьnchhausen Syndrom [from the "Choir Of Horrors"]05:06
41Nero [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]05:53
42Northern Command [from the "Choir Of Horrors"]04:02
43Ole Perversus [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]03:03
44One Thousand Pallid Deaths [from the "Underground"]05:03
45Powerthrash [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]01:51
46Prelude: Act of Fate [from the "Rotten Perish"]02:31
47Psychomorphia [from the "Psychomorphia"]08:05
48Radezky March : We Hate to Be in the Army Now [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]02:29
49Raped Bodies [from the "Rotten Perish"]04:09
50Resurrection [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]02:56
51Revelation Of Fire [from the "Underground"]03:49
52Right For Unright [from the "Psychomorphia"]05:44
53Satan's Resurrection [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]03:04
54Screams Of Frustration [from the "Underground"]02:46
55Space Invaders [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]03:53
56Speed Fight [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]07:25
57The Ballad Of Jesus [from the "Underground"]02:18
58The Dentist [from the "Hymn to Abramelin"]08:00
59The End [from the "Underground"]03:15
60The Last Inferno [from the "Extreme Cold Weather (Pt. 1)"]03:11



Messiah were a death/thrash metal band from Switzerland.

The band is best remembered for their first two full-length albums, Hymn to Abramelin and Extreme Cold Weather.


  • Death metal,
  • Thrash metal
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