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Home Sweet Home by Kano [2005] [album editions]

Home Sweet Home (Kano)

Track listing

1Home Sweet Home
2Ghetto Kid (ft. Ghetts)
3P's and Q's
4Reload It (ft. Demon & D Double E)
5Typical Me (ft. Ghetts)
6Mic Check
89 to 5
9Nite Nite (ft. Leo the Lion & The Streets)
10Brown Eyes
11Remember Me
12I Don't Know Why
13How We Livin'
14Nobody Don't Dance No More
15Signs in Life
16Boys Love Girls

Kano albums

1140 Grime Street[ 2008 ]
2Home Sweet Home[ 2005 ]
3Made in the Manor[ 2016 ]
4Method to the Maadness[ 2010 ]
1140 Grime Street (Kano)
2Home Sweet Home (Kano)
3Made in the Manor (Kano)
4Method to the Maadness (Kano)

Kano songs

1140 Grime St [from the "140 Grime Street"]02:14
22 Left: Topic of Discussion [from the "Method to the Maadness"]04:50
33 Wheel-Ups (ft. Wiley & Giggs) [from the "Made in the Manor"]04:40
49 to 5 [from the "Home Sweet Home"]02:10
5A Roadman's Hymn [from the "Made in the Manor"]04:32
6Aim For The Sky [from the "140 Grime Street"]03:44
7All + All Together (ft. Hot Chip) [from the "Method to the Maadness"]03:39
8Anywhere We Go (Ft. Wiley) [from the "140 Grime Street"]03:00
9Bassment (ft. Damon Albarn) [from the "Method to the Maadness"]02:43
10Boys Love Girls [from the "Home Sweet Home"]04:02
11Brown Eyes [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:49
12Crazy [from the "Method to the Maadness"]03:37
13Dark Days [from the "Method to the Maadness"]04:48
14Deep Blues (ft. Damon Albarn) [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:10
15Don't Come Around Here [from the "140 Grime Street"]04:41
16Drinking In The West End [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:51
17Endz [from the "Made in the Manor"]04:01
18Flow Of The Year (ft. Jme) [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:36
19GarageSkankFREESTYLE [from the "Made in the Manor"]04:46
20Get Wild (ft. Wiley and Aidonia) [from the "Method to the Maadness"]03:52
21Ghetto Kid (ft. Ghetts) [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:04
22Hail [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:33
23Home Sweet Home [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:37
24How We Livin' [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:48
25Hunting We Will Go (Ft. Ghetto) [from the "140 Grime Street"]04:31
26Hustler [from the "140 Grime Street"]04:51
27I Don't Know Why [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:56
28I Like It [from the "140 Grime Street"]02:45
29iPod Generation [from the "Method to the Maadness"]00:55
30Jenga (ft. Vybz Kartel) [from the "Method to the Maadness"]03:59
31Lady Killer (ft. Ghetts) [from the "Method to the Maadness"]02:30
32Little Sis [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:28
33Maad [from the "Method to the Maadness"]03:24
34Mic Check [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:11
35Missing Me [from the "140 Grime Street"]02:11
36My Sound [from the "Made in the Manor"]06:20
37New Banger [from the "Made in the Manor"]04:52
38Nite Nite (ft. Leo the Lion & The Streets) [from the "Home Sweet Home"]04:45
39Nobody Don't Dance No More [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:52
40Off Licence [from the "140 Grime Street"]03:14
41Paper [from the "140 Grime Street"]05:13
42P's and Q's [from the "Home Sweet Home"]04:08
43Reload It (ft. Demon & D Double E) [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:47
44Remember Me [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:15
45Seashells In The East [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:30
46Seems Like Things Have Changed [from the "140 Grime Street"]01:54
47Signs in Life [from the "Home Sweet Home"]06:09
48Slaves [from the "Method to the Maadness"]04:50
49Soldier (Ft. Mikey J) [from the "140 Grime Street"]03:46
50Sometimes [from the "Home Sweet Home"]03:35
51Spaceship [from the "Method to the Maadness"]04:31
52Stand By It [from the "140 Grime Street"]00:46
53Strangers [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:38
54These Mc's (Ft. Skepta) [from the "140 Grime Street"]03:33
55This Is England [from the "Made in the Manor"]03:40
56Too Advanced [from the "140 Grime Street"]01:51
57T-Shirt Weather In The Manor [from the "Made in the Manor"]05:19
58Typical Me (ft. Ghetts) [from the "Home Sweet Home"]04:34
59Upside (ft. Michelle Breeze) [from the "Method to the Maadness"]03:04
60We Gangsta [from the "140 Grime Street"]04:10



Kane Robinson, better known as Kano, is an English Grime MC and actor.


  • Hip hop,
  • Grime,
  • R&B
  • P's and Q's by Kano

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