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Antics by Interpol [2004] [album editions]

Antics (Interpol)

Track listing

1Next Exit
4Take You On A Cruise
5Slow Hands
6Not Even Jail
7Public Pervert
9Length Of Love
10A Time To Be So Small

Interpol albums

1Antics[ 2004 ]
2Our Love To Admire[ 2007 ]
3Turn On the Bright Lights[ 2002 ]
1Antics (Interpol)
2Our Love To Admire (Interpol)
3Turn On the Bright Lights (Interpol)

Interpol songs

1A Time To Be So Small [from the "Antics"]04:50
2All Fired Up [from the "Our Love To Admire"]03:35
3C'mere [from the "Antics"]03:11
4Evil [from the "Antics"]03:35
5Hands Away [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]03:05
6Leif Erikson [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]04:00
7Length Of Love [from the "Antics"]04:06
8Mammoth [from the "Our Love To Admire"]04:13
9Narc [from the "Antics"]04:07
10Next Exit [from the "Antics"]03:20
11No I in Threesome [from the "Our Love To Admire"]03:51
12Not Even Jail [from the "Antics"]05:46
13NYC [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]04:19
14Obstacle 1 [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]04:11
15Obstacle 2 [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]03:47
16Pace is the Trick [from the "Our Love To Admire"]04:37
17PDA [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]04:59
18Pioneer to the Falls [from the "Our Love To Admire"]05:41
19Public Pervert [from the "Antics"]04:40
20Rest My Chemistry [from the "Our Love To Admire"]05:00
21Roland [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]03:35
22Say Hello to the Angels [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]04:28
23Slow Hands [from the "Antics"]03:04
24Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]06:27
25Take You On A Cruise [from the "Antics"]04:54
26The Heinrich Maneuver [from the "Our Love To Admire"]03:28
27The Lighthouse [from the "Our Love To Admire"]05:24
28The New [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]06:07
29The Scale [from the "Our Love To Admire"]03:24
30Untitled [from the "Turn On the Bright Lights"]03:56
31Who Do You Think [from the "Our Love To Admire"]03:13
32Wrecking Ball [from the "Our Love To Admire"]04:33
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