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Every Morning by Basshunter [2009] [album editions]

Every Morning (Basshunter)

Track listing

1Every Morning (Michael Minds Remix)
2Every Morning (Pj Harmony Remix)
3Every Morning (Headhunters Remix)
4Every Morning (Raindropz Remix)
5Every Morning (Ultra Djs Remix)
6Every Morning (Michael Minds Edit)

Basshunter albums

1Bass Generation[ 2009 ]
2Every Morning[ 2009 ]
3LOL[ 2006 ]
4Now You're Gone[ 2008 ]
5The Bassmachine[ 2004 ]
6Welcome To Rainbow[ 2006 ]
1Bass Generation (Basshunter)
2Every Morning (Basshunter)
3LOL (Basshunter)
4Now You're Gone (Basshunter)
5The Bassmachine (Basshunter)
6Welcome To Rainbow (Basshunter)

Basshunter songs

1All I Ever Wanted [from the "Now You're Gone"]02:58
2All I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJ's Mix) [from the "Bass Generation"]05:33
3Angel In the Night [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:23
4Angel In the Night (Headhunters Remix) [from the "Bass Generation"]05:37
5Bass Creator [from the "Now You're Gone"]05:02
6Bass Worker [from the "The Bassmachine"]06:14
7Bassmachine [from the "The Bassmachine"]02:22
8Between The Two Of Us [from the "LOL"]03:58
9Boten Anna [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:29
10Boten Anna (Bonus Track) [from the "Welcome To Rainbow"]04:48
11Boten Anna (Instrumental) [from the "LOL"]03:20
12Boten Anna (Radio Edit) [from the "LOL"]03:27
13Camilla [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:16
14Camilla (Swedish Version) [from the "Bass Generation"]03:22
15Can You [from the "Bass Generation"]02:24
16Contact By Bass [from the "The Bassmachine"]03:53
17Day And Night [from the "Bass Generation"]02:55
18Don't Walk Away [from the "Bass Generation"]03:01
19Dota [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:22
20Dota (Club Mix) [from the "LOL"]05:44
21Dota (Radio Edit) [from the "LOL"]03:21
22Dream Girl [from the "Now You're Gone"]04:28
23Every Morning [from the "Bass Generation"]03:18
24Every Morning (Headhunters Remix) [from the "Every Morning"]05:21
25Every Morning (Michael Mind Edit) [from the "Bass Generation"]02:59
26Every Morning (Michael Minds Edit) [from the "Every Morning"]02:57
27Every Morning (Michael Minds Remix) [from the "Every Morning"]05:10
28Every Morning (Pj Harmony Remix) [from the "Every Morning"]06:02
29Every Morning (Raindropz Remix) [from the "Every Morning"]04:52
30Every Morning (Raindropz Remix) [from the "Bass Generation"]04:54
31Every Morning (Ultra Djs Remix) [from the "Every Morning"]05:21
32Evil Beat (Bonus Track) [from the "Welcome To Rainbow"]03:33
33Far From Home [from the "Bass Generation"]04:10
34Festfolk [from the "The Bassmachine"]04:34
35GPS [from the "LOL"]04:00
36Hello There [from the "LOL"]02:40
37I Can Walk On Water [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:46
38I Can't Deny (ft. Lauren) [from the "Bass Generation"]04:00
39I Know U Know [from the "Bass Generation"]02:45
40I Miss You [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:48
41I Miss You (Hyperzone Remix) [from the "Bass Generation"]05:35
42I Promised Myself [from the "Bass Generation"]02:37
43I Still Love [from the "Bass Generation"]03:33
44I Will Learn To Love Again (ft. Stunt) [from the "Bass Generation"]03:07
45I'm Your Bass Creator [from the "LOL"]05:24
46In Her Eyes [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:14
47Jingle Bells (Bass) [from the "LOL"]02:46
48Love You More [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:52
49Now You're Gone (DJ Alex Extended Mix) [from the "Bass Generation"]05:43
50Now You're Gone (Feat. Dj Mental Theo's Bazzheadz) [from the "Now You're Gone"]02:30
51Now You're Gone (Fonzerelli Edit) [from the "Now You're Gone"]03:15
52Numbers (Hidden Track) [from the "Bass Generation"]03:18
53On Our Side [from the "Bass Generation"]03:54
54Patric And The Small Guy-Throw Your Hands Up (Basshunter Remix) [from the "LOL"]03:10
55Plane To Spain [from the "Bass Generation"]03:41
56Please Don't Go [from the "Now You're Gone"]02:50
57Please Don't Go (Bad Behaviour Remix) [from the "Bass Generation"]06:45
58Professional Party People [from the "LOL"]03:08
59Russia Privjet [from the "LOL"]04:07
60Russia Privjet [from the "Now You're Gone"]04:05



Jonas Erik Altberg (born 22 December 1984), better known by the pseudonym Basshunter, is a Swedish producer and singer-songwriter. []


  • Eurodance,
  • Dlub,
  • Dance,
  • Rave
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