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No Control by Bad Religion [1989] [album editions]

No Control (Bad Religion)

Track listing

1Change Of Ideas
2Big Bang
3No Control
4Sometimes I Feel Like
5Automatic Man
6I Want To Conquer The World
9It Must Feel Pretty Appealing
12I Want Something More
15The World Won't Stop

Bad Religion albums

180-85[ 1991 ]
2Against the Grain[ 2004 ]
3All Ages[ 1995 ]
4Back To The Known[ 1985 ]
5Bad Religion[ 1981 ]
6Generator[ 1992 ]
7How Could Hell Be Any Worse?[ 1982 ]
8Into the Unknown[ 1983 ]
9New Maps Of Hell[ 2007 ]
10No Control[ 1989 ]
11No Substance[ 1998 ]
12Punk Rock Songs[ 2002 ]
13Recipe for Hate[ 1993 ]
14Stranger Than Fiction[ 1994 ]
15Suffer[ 1988 ]
16The Empire Strikes First[ 2004 ]
17The Gray Race[ 1996 ]
18The New America[ 2000 ]
19The Process Of Belief[ 2002 ]
180-85 (Bad Religion)
2Against the Grain (Bad Religion)
3All Ages (Bad Religion)
4Back To The Known (Bad Religion)
5Bad Religion (Bad Religion)
6Generator (Bad Religion)
7How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (Bad Religion)
8Into the Unknown (Bad Religion)
9New Maps Of Hell (Bad Religion)
10No Control (Bad Religion)
11No Substance (Bad Religion)
12Punk Rock Songs (Bad Religion)
13Recipe for Hate (Bad Religion)
14Stranger Than Fiction (Bad Religion)
15Suffer (Bad Religion)
16The Empire Strikes First (Bad Religion)
17The Gray Race (Bad Religion)
18The New America (Bad Religion)
19The Process Of Belief (Bad Religion)

Bad Religion songs

11000 Memories [from the "The New America"]03:00
21000 More Fools [from the "Suffer"]01:35
321st Century (Digital Boy) [from the "Against the Grain"]02:48
421st Century (Digital Boy) [from the "Stranger Than Fiction"]02:47
521st Century Digital Boy [from the "All Ages"]02:47
621st Century Digital Boy [from the "Punk Rock Songs"]02:47
752 Seconds [from the "New Maps Of Hell"]00:58
8A Streetkid Named Desire [from the "The New America"]03:17
9A Walk [from the "Punk Rock Songs"]02:10
10A Walk [from the "The Gray Race"]02:14
11A World Without Melody [from the "The New America"]02:32
12Against the Grain [from the "Against the Grain"]02:08
13Against The Grain [from the "All Ages"]02:06
14All Fantastic Images [from the "No Substance"]02:08
15All Good Soldiers [from the "Recipe for Hate"]03:07
16All There Is [from the "The Empire Strikes First"]02:57
17Along The Way [from the "80-85"]01:36
18Along The Way [from the "Back To The Known"]01:36
19American Dream [from the "80-85"]01:40
20American Dream [from the "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?"]01:41
21American Jesus [from the "Recipe for Hate"]03:17
22Anesthesia [from the "Against the Grain"]03:02
23Anesthesia [from the "All Ages"]03:00
24Anxiety [from the "No Control"]02:08
25At The Mercy of Imbeciles [from the "No Substance"]01:34
26Atheist Peace [from the "The Empire Strikes First"]01:57
27Atomic Garden [from the "All Ages"]03:10
28Atomic Garden [from the "Generator"]03:10
29Automatic Man [from the "All Ages"]01:39
30Automatic Man [from the "No Control"]01:40
31Bad Religion [from the "80-85"]01:48
32Bad Religion [from the "Back To The Known"]02:10
33Bad Religion [from the "Bad Religion"]01:49
34Bad Religion Vol.1 [from the "80-85"]01:49
35Before You Die [from the "New Maps Of Hell"]02:34
36Believe It [from the "The New America"]03:41
37Best For You [from the "All Ages"]01:53
38Best For You [from the "Suffer"]01:55
39Better Off Dead [from the "Stranger Than Fiction"]02:38
40Beyond Electric Dreams [from the "The Empire Strikes First"]04:02
41Big Bang [from the "No Control"]01:42
42Billy [from the "No Control"]01:54
43Billy Gnosis [from the "Into the Unknown"]03:31
44Blenderhead [from the "Against the Grain"]01:11
45Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever [from the "The Empire Strikes First"]03:49
46Bored & Extremely Dangerous [from the "The Process Of Belief"]03:25
47Broken [from the "The Process Of Belief"]02:55
48Can't Stop It [from the "The Process Of Belief"]01:09
49Cease [from the "The Gray Race"]02:35
50Cease (Live) [from the "Punk Rock Songs"]02:34
51Change Of Ideas [from the "All Ages"]00:54
52Change Of Ideas [from the "No Control"]00:56
53Change Of Ideas (Live) [from the "Punk Rock Songs"]00:57
54Chasing the Wild Goose [from the "Into the Unknown"]02:50
55Chimaera [from the "Generator"]02:28
56Come Join Us [from the "The Gray Race"]02:03
57Damned To Be Free [from the "80-85"]02:03
58Damned To Be Free [from the "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?"]01:58
59Dearly Beloved [from the "New Maps Of Hell"]02:19
60Delirium Of Disorder [from the "Suffer"]01:39

Bad Religion

Bad Religion

Bad Religion is an American punk rock band founded in Southern California in 1980.



  • Punk rock,
  • Melodic hardcore,
  • Hardcore punk
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