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Our Worlds Divorce by This Providence [2004]

Our Worlds Divorce (This Providence)

Track listing

1Well Versed In The Ways of The World
2Truth & Reconciliation
4Best Wishes
5To Kill This
6Certain Words in Uncertain Times
7Catching My Breath
8Twisted System
9Any Romantic Fairytale
10Our Flag is White

This Providence albums

1Our Worlds Divorce[ 2004 ]
2The Bright Lights[ 2008 ]
3This Providence[ 2006 ]
4Who Are You Now?[ 2009 ]
1Our Worlds Divorce (This Providence)
2The Bright Lights (This Providence)
3This Providence (This Providence)
4Who Are You Now? (This Providence)

This Providence songs

1...But What Will They Say? [from the "This Providence"]02:22
2A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing [from the "This Providence"]03:10
3An Ocean Between [from the "This Providence"]02:49
4Any Romantic Fairytale [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]03:23
5Anything Is Possible [from the "This Providence"]03:18
6Best Wishes [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]03:19
7Card House Dreamer [from the "This Providence"]02:36
8Catching My Breath [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]04:16
9Certain Words in Uncertain Times [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]03:16
10Chasing The Wind [from the "Who Are You Now?"]04:10
11Everyday [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]04:35
12Hopeless [from the "The Bright Lights"]03:19
13Keeping On Without You [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:44
14Letdown [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:39
15Losing Control [from the "This Providence"]04:14
16My Beautiful Rescue [from the "This Providence"]02:36
17My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated) [from the "The Bright Lights"]03:26
18My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated) [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:23
19Our Flag is White [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]05:05
20Playing The Villain [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:26
21Sand In Your Shoes [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:38
22Sand In Your Shoes (Acoustic) [from the "The Bright Lights"]03:40
23Secret Love And The Fastest Way To Loneliness [from the "This Providence"]02:59
24Selfish [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:23
25Somebody To Talk To [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:53
26Squeaking Wheels & White Lights [from the "Who Are You Now?"]02:57
27Sure As Hell [from the "Who Are You Now?"]01:50
28That Girl's A Trick [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:30
29The Pursuit Of Happiness: The 1st Movement [from the "This Providence"]03:25
30The Pursuit Of Happiness: The 2nd Movement [from the "This Providence"]02:27
31The Road To Jericho Is Lined With Starving People [from the "This Providence"]03:10
32This Is The Real Thing [from the "Who Are You Now?"]03:19
33To Kill This [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]03:40
34Truth & Reconciliation [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]02:42
35Twisted System [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]02:22
36Walking On Water [from the "This Providence"]02:36
37Waste Myself [from the "The Bright Lights"]02:54
38Waste Myself [from the "Who Are You Now?"]02:52
39Well Versed In The Ways of The World [from the "Our Worlds Divorce"]02:38
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