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Chimaira by Chimaira [2005] [album editions]

Chimaira (Chimaira)

Track listing

1Nothing Remains
2Save Ourselves
3Inside the Horror
6Left for Dead
7Everything You Love
9Pray for All
11Disposable Heroes

Chimaira albums

1Chimaira[ 2005 ]
2Coming Alive[ 2010 ]
3Crown of Phantoms[ 2013 ]
4Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
5Pass out of Existence[ 2001 ]
6The Age of Hell[ 2011 ]
7The Impossibility of Reason[ 2003 ]
8The Infection[ 2009 ]
9This Present Darkness[ 2004 ]
1Chimaira (Chimaira)
2Coming Alive (Chimaira)
3Crown of Phantoms (Chimaira)
4Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Pass out of Existence (Chimaira)
6The Age of Hell (Chimaira)
7The Impossibility of Reason (Chimaira)
8The Infection (Chimaira)
9This Present Darkness (Chimaira)

Chimaira songs

61Pure Hatred [from the "Coming Alive"]05:01
62Pure Hatred [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:18
63Refuse to See [from the "This Present Darkness"]03:29
64Resurrection [from the "Coming Alive"]04:55
65Revenge (Bonus Track) [from the "The Infection"]03:12
66Rizzo [from the "Pass out of Existence"]04:38
67Salvation [from the "Chimaira"]05:20
68Salvation [from the "Coming Alive"]05:28
69Samsara [from the "The Age of Hell"]06:12
70Save Ourselves [from the "Chimaira"]05:08
71Scapegoat [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:32
72Scum of the Earth [from the "The Age of Hell"]05:03
73Secrets of the Dead [from the "The Infection"]04:24
74Secrets of the Dead [from the "Coming Alive"]04:09
75Severed [from the "Coming Alive"]04:06
76Severed [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:16
77Silence [from the "This Present Darkness"]03:23
78Six [from the "Coming Alive"]09:33
79SP LIT [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:12
80Sphere [from the "Pass out of Existence"]04:20
81Sphere [from the "This Present Darkness"]03:16
82Spineless [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]03:17
83Stigmurder [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:37
84Stoma [from the "The Age of Hell"]01:28
85Taste My... [from the "Pass out of Existence"]04:02
86The Age of Hell [from the "The Age of Hell"]03:32
87The Dehumanizing Process [from the "Coming Alive"]04:27
88The Dehumanizing Process [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:10
89The Disappearing Sun [from the "The Infection"]04:24
90The Disappearing Sun [from the "Coming Alive"]04:23
91The Flame [from the "Coming Alive"]05:43
92The Heart of It All [from the "The Infection"]14:20
93The Impossiblity of Reason [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]03:42
94The Machine [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]04:01
95The Transmigration [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]02:26
96The Venom Inside [from the "The Infection"]04:05
97The Venom Inside [from the "Coming Alive"]04:41
98This Present Darkness [from the "This Present Darkness"]05:17
99Threnody [from the "Chimaira"]04:05
100Time Is Running Out [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:13
101Trigger Finger [from the "The Age of Hell"]03:54
102Try to Survive [from the "The Infection"]04:39
103Wild Thing [from the "The Age of Hell"]02:29
104Without Moral Restraint [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:42
105Wrapped In Violence [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]04:23
106Year of the Snake [from the "The Age of Hell"]03:41
107Your Days Are Numbered [from the "The Age of Hell"]03:02



Chimaira was an American heavy metal band from Cleveland, formed in 1998. []


  • Metalcore,
  • Groove metal,
  • Nu metal
  • Salvation by Chimaira

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