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Kill The Headlights by Adema [2007] [album editions]

Kill The Headlights (Adema)

Track listing

1Cold And Jaded
2Brand New thing
3Open Till Midnight
4Waiting For Daylight
5Days Go By
7All These Years
8What Doesn't Kill Us
10Black Clouds
11Los Angeles
12The Loser

Adema albums

1Adema[ 2001 ]
2Insomniac's Dream[ 2002 ]
3Kill The Headlights[ 2007 ]
4Planets[ 2005 ]
5Resident Evil (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
6Unstable[ 2003 ]
1Adema (Adema)
2Insomniac's Dream (Adema)
3Kill The Headlights (Adema)
4Planets (Adema)
5Resident Evil (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
6Unstable (Adema)

Adema songs

1All These Years [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:05
2Barricades in Time [from the "Planets"]04:18
3Betray [from the "Unstable"]03:22
4Better Living Through Chemistry [from the "Planets"]04:52
5Black Clouds [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:32
6Blame Me [from the "Unstable"]03:55
7Blow It Away [from the "Adema"]03:02
8Brand New thing [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:43
9Chel [from the "Planets"]03:42
10Close Friends [from the "Adema"]03:24
11Co-Dependent [from the "Unstable"]03:28
12Cold And Jaded [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:35
13Days Go By [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:57
14Do What You Want To Do [from the "Adema"]03:00
15Do What You Want To Do (Live) [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]03:24
16Do You Hear Me [from the "Unstable"]03:26
17Drowning [from the "Adema"]03:26
18Enter the Cage [from the "Planets"]04:04
19Estrellas [from the "Planets"]01:20
20Everyone [from the "Resident Evil (Soundtrack)"]03:34
21Everyone [from the "Adema"]03:29
22Freaking Out [from the "Adema"]03:35
23Freaking Out (Chris Vrenna Remix) [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]03:52
24Giving In [from the "Adema"]04:34
25Giving In (Radio Mix) [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]03:55
26Immortal [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]04:09
27Invisble [from the "Kill The Headlights"]04:00
28Let Go [from the "Unstable"]03:04
29Los Angeles [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:38
30Needles [from the "Unstable"]03:08
31Nutshell [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]04:28
32Open Till Midnight [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:46
33Pain Inside [from the "Adema"]03:29
34Planets [from the "Planets"]03:58
35Prelude [from the "Kill The Headlights"]00:33
36Promises [from the "Unstable"]04:16
37Refusing Consciousness [from the "Planets"]03:24
38Remember [from the "Planets"]05:31
39Rip The Heart Out Of Me [from the "Unstable"]02:23
40Rise Above [from the "Planets"]05:02
41Sevenfold [from the "Planets"]05:06
42Shattered [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]03:09
43Shoot the Arrows [from the "Planets"]04:27
44Skin [from the "Adema"]03:23
45So Fortunate [from the "Unstable"]03:47
46Speculum [from the "Adema"]03:32
47Stand Up [from the "Unstable"]03:04
48Stressin' [from the "Unstable"]03:37
49The Loser [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:32
50The Way You Like It [from the "Adema"]03:39
51The Way You Like It (Sam 'Sever' Citrin Remix) [from the "Insomniac's Dream"]03:55
52Tornado [from the "Planets"]03:49
53Trust [from the "Adema"]04:21
54Unstable [from the "Unstable"]03:11
55Until Now [from the "Planets"]03:47
56Vikraphone [from the "Planets"]03:48
57Waiting For Daylight [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:01
58What Doesn't Kill Us [from the "Kill The Headlights"]03:37



Adema is a rock band from Bakersfield, California consisting of guitarists Tim Fluckey, Marc DeLeon, bassist Dave DeRoo, and drummer Kris Kohls.


  • Nu metal,
  • Alternative rock
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