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The Voice by Mike Jones [2009] [album editions]

The Voice (Mike Jones)

Track listing

2Swagger Right
3Houston Oilers
5Cuddy Buddy (ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Twista)
6I Know (ft. Trey Songz)
7Drop & Gimme 50 (ft. Hurricane Chris)
8Give Me a Call (ft. Devin the Dude)
9Happy Birthday
10Next to You
11Swagg Thru Da Roof
12On Top of the Covers (ft. Essay Potna)
13Scandalous H**s
14Scandalous H**s (ft. T-Pain)
15Hate on Me (ft. Tanya Herron)
16Grandma II (ft. Kai)

Mike Jones albums

1The American Dream[ 2007 ]
2The Voice[ 2009 ]
3Who Is Mike Jones?[ 2005 ]
1The American Dream (Mike Jones)
2The Voice (Mike Jones)
3Who Is Mike Jones? (Mike Jones)

Mike Jones songs

15 Years From Now (ft. Lil Bran) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:47
2Back Then [from the "The American Dream"]04:04
3Back Then [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]04:05
4Boi! [from the "The Voice"]04:17
5Cuddy Buddy (ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Twista) [from the "The Voice"]04:38
6Cuttin (Remix) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:51
7Drop & Gimme 50 (ft. Hurricane Chris) [from the "The Voice"]04:07
8Flossin (ft.t Big Moe) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:10
9Give Me a Call (ft. Devin the Dude) [from the "The Voice"]05:13
10Got It Sewed Up (Remix) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:17
11Grandma [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]05:15
12Grandma II (ft. Kai) [from the "The Voice"]05:29
13Happy Birthday [from the "The Voice"]04:29
14Hate on Me (ft. Tanya Herron) [from the "The Voice"]04:27
15Houston Oilers [from the "The Voice"]04:36
16I Know (ft. Trey Songz) [from the "The Voice"]03:50
17Intro [from the "The Voice"]00:48
18Intro [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]00:25
19Know What Im Sayin (ft.t Bun B And Lil Keke) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]04:07
20Laws Patrolling (ft. Cj Mellow And Lil Bran) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]02:52
21Like What I Got [from the "The American Dream"]03:03
22Mr. Jones [from the "The American Dream"]03:58
23My 64 (ft. Bun B & Snoop Dogg) [from the "The American Dream"]05:11
24Next to You [from the "The Voice"]03:41
25On Top of the Covers (ft. Essay Potna) [from the "The Voice"]04:11
26Scandalous H**s [from the "The Voice"]00:29
27Scandalous H**s (ft. T-Pain) [from the "The Voice"]03:50
28Scandalous Hoes (ft. Lil Bran) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:23
29Screw Dat [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:18
30Still Tippin' (ft. Slim Thug & Paul Wall) [from the "The American Dream"]04:31
31Still Tippin (ft. Slim Thug And Paul Wall) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]04:31
32Swagg Thru Da Roof [from the "The Voice"]03:48
33Swagger Right [from the "The Voice"]04:13
34Turning Headz [from the "The American Dream"]03:11
35Turning Lane [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]04:22
36Type Of Nigga U Need (ft. Brighteyes) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:57
37What Ya Know About (ft. Paul Wall And Killa Kyleon) [from the "Who Is Mike Jones?"]03:43
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