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Evolution 4.0 by Thunderstone [2007] [album editions]

Evolution 4.0 (Thunderstone)

Track listing

1Evolution 4.0
3Roots of Anger
410000 Ways
5Holding on to My Pain
7Down With Me
8Face in the Mirror
9Solid Ground
10The Source
11Great Man Down

Thunderstone albums

1Evolution 4.0[ 2007 ]
2The Burning[ 2004 ]
3Thunderstone[ 2002 ]
4Tools of Destruction[ 2005 ]
1Evolution 4.0 (Thunderstone)
2The Burning (Thunderstone)
3Thunderstone (Thunderstone)
4Tools of Destruction (Thunderstone)

Thunderstone songs

110000 Ways [from the "Evolution 4.0"]04:16
2Another Time [from the "Tools of Destruction"]03:41
3Break the Emotion [from the "The Burning"]04:42
4Diamonds And Rust [from the "The Burning"]03:25
5Down With Me [from the "Evolution 4.0"]07:16
6Drawn to the Flame [from the "The Burning"]04:42
7Evil Within [from the "The Burning"]06:02
8Evolution 4.0 [from the "Evolution 4.0"]00:13
9Eyes of a Stranger [from the "Thunderstone"]05:23
10Face in the Mirror [from the "Evolution 4.0"]03:03
11Feed the Fire [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:44
12Forevermore [from the "Evolution 4.0"]04:20
13Forth Into the Black [from the "The Burning"]04:42
14Great Man Down [from the "Evolution 4.0"]05:01
15Heart of Steel [from the "The Burning"]04:56
16Holding on to My Pain [from the "Evolution 4.0"]05:34
17I Will Come Again [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:30
18I Will Come Again (Single) [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:03
19Land of Innocence [from the "Tools of Destruction"]08:15
20Let the Demons Free [from the "Thunderstone"]03:59
21Let the Demons Free (Demo) [from the "The Burning"]04:07
22Like Father, Like Son [from the "Thunderstone"]05:34
23Liquid of the Kings [from the "Tools of Destruction"]06:01
24Me My Enemy (Demo) [from the "The Burning"]03:39
25Me, My Enemy [from the "Thunderstone"]03:40
26Mirror Never Lies [from the "The Burning"]03:43
27Pista 11 [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:40
28Pista 12 [from the "Tools of Destruction"]05:33
29Roots of Anger [from the "Evolution 4.0"]03:43
30Sea of Sorrow [from the "The Burning"]05:03
31Side by Side [from the "The Burning"]04:22
32Solid Ground [from the "Evolution 4.0"]05:40
33Spire [from the "The Burning"]04:37
34Spread My Wings [from the "Thunderstone"]05:18
35Swirled [from the "Evolution 4.0"]03:47
36The Last Song [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:21
37The Source [from the "Evolution 4.0"]04:48
38Tin Star Man [from the "The Burning"]05:11
39Tool of the Devil [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:04
40Tool of the Devil (Remix) [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:53
41Until We Touch the Burning Sun [from the "The Burning"]05:54
42Virus [from the "Thunderstone"]04:49
43Voice in a Dream [from the "Thunderstone"]04:39
44Voice in a Dream (Demo) [from the "The Burning"]04:16
45Wasted Years [from the "Thunderstone"]05:30
46Weak [from the "Thunderstone"]03:10
47Weight of the World [from the "Tools of Destruction"]05:54
48Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [from the "The Burning"]05:06
49Welcome to the Real [from the "Tools of Destruction"]06:36
50Will to Power [from the "Thunderstone"]08:34
51Without Wings [from the "Tools of Destruction"]04:45
52World's Cry [from the "Thunderstone"]04:20
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