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The Spine by They Might Be Giants [2004] [album editions]

The Spine (They Might Be Giants)

Track listing

1Experimental Film
3Memo To Human Resources
4Wearing A Raincoat
7Bastard Wants To Hit Me
8The World Before Later On
9Museum Of Idiots
10It's Kickin' In
12Au Contraire
13Damn Good Times
14Broke In Two
15Stalk Of Wheat
16I Can't Hide From My Mind

They Might Be Giants albums

1Apollo 18[ 1992 ]
2Factory Showroom[ 1996 ]
3Flood[ 1990 ]
4John Henry[ 1994 ]
5Lincoln[ 1988 ]
6Long Tall Weekend[ 1999 ]
7Mink Car[ 2001 ]
8Miscellaneous T[ 1993 ]
9The Else[ 2007 ]
10The Spine[ 2004 ]
11They Might Be Giants[ 1986 ]
1Apollo 18 (They Might Be Giants)
2Factory Showroom (They Might Be Giants)
3Flood (They Might Be Giants)
4John Henry (They Might Be Giants)
5Lincoln (They Might Be Giants)
6Long Tall Weekend (They Might Be Giants)
7Mink Car (They Might Be Giants)
8Miscellaneous T (They Might Be Giants)
9The Else (They Might Be Giants)
10The Spine (They Might Be Giants)
11They Might Be Giants (They Might Be Giants)

They Might Be Giants songs

1(She Was A) Hotel Detective [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:10
2(She Was A) Hotel Detective [from the "Miscellaneous T"]02:20
332 Footsteps [from the "They Might Be Giants"]01:36
4A Self Called Nowhere [from the "John Henry"]03:22
5Absolutely Bill's Mood [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:38
6AKA Driver [from the "John Henry"]03:13
7Alienation's For The Rich [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:25
8Ana Ng [from the "Lincoln"]03:23
9Another First Kiss [from the "Mink Car"]03:06
10Au Contraire [from the "The Spine"]02:26
11Bangs [from the "Mink Car"]03:11
12Bastard Wants To Hit Me [from the "The Spine"]02:14
13Bee The Bird Of The Moth [from the "The Else"]03:31
14Birdhouse In Your Soul [from the "Flood"]03:20
15Birds Fly [from the "Miscellaneous T"]01:25
16Boat Of Car [from the "They Might Be Giants"]01:15
17Broke In Two [from the "The Spine"]02:59
18Cage And Aquarium [from the "Lincoln"]01:10
19Careful What You Pack [from the "The Else"]02:40
20Certain People [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]03:31
21Chess Piece Face [from the "They Might Be Giants"]01:21
22Climbing The Walls [from the "The Else"]03:15
23Contrecoup [from the "The Else"]03:11
24Counterfeit Faker [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]02:13
25Cowtown [from the "Lincoln"]02:21
26Cyclops Rock [from the "Mink Car"]02:38
27Damn Good Times [from the "The Spine"]02:38
28Dark And Metric [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]01:41
29Dead [from the "Flood"]02:58
30Destination Moon [from the "John Henry"]02:26
31Dig My Grave [from the "Apollo 18"]01:08
32Dinner Bell [from the "Apollo 18"]02:11
33Dirt Bike [from the "John Henry"]03:05
34Don't Let's Start [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:36
35Don't Let's Start (Single Mix) [from the "Miscellaneous T"]02:36
36Drink! [from the "Mink Car"]01:49
37Drinking [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]01:33
38Everything Right Is Wrong Again [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:20
39Experimental Film [from the "The Spine"]02:56
40Exquisite Dead Guy [from the "Factory Showroom"]02:02
41Extra Savoir-Faire [from the "John Henry"]02:48
42Feign Amnesia [from the "The Else"]02:29
43Fingertips - All Alone [from the "Apollo 18"]00:05
44Fingertips - Aren't You The Guy [from the "Apollo 18"]00:06
45Fingertips - Come On And Wreck The Car [from the "Apollo 18"]00:12
46Fingertips - Everything Is Catching On Fire [from the "Apollo 18"]00:12
47Fingertips - Hey Now, Everybody [from the "Apollo 18"]00:05
48Fingertips - I Don't Understand U [from the "Apollo 18"]00:27
49Fingertips - I Hear The Wind [from the "Apollo 18"]00:10
50Fingertips - I Heard A Sound [from the "Apollo 18"]00:04
51Fingertips - I Walk Along [from the "Apollo 18"]01:01
52Fingertips - I'm Having A Heart [from the "Apollo 18"]00:22
53Fingertips - I've Found A New Friend [from the "Apollo 18"]00:07
54Fingertips - Leave Me Alone [from the "Apollo 18"]00:05
55Fingertips - Mysterious [from the "Apollo 18"]00:28
56Fingertips - Part 1 [from the "Apollo 18"]00:06
57Fingertips - Part 2 [from the "Apollo 18"]00:10
58Fingertips - Please Pass The Milk [from the "Apollo 18"]00:08
59Fingertips - Someone Grabbed [from the "Apollo 18"]00:12
60Fingertips - The Day [from the "Apollo 18"]00:08

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) are an American alternative rock band.

Formed in 1982, they are best known for an unconventional and experimental style of alternative music. []


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  • College rock,
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  • Children's music
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