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Flood by They Might Be Giants [1990] [album editions]

Flood (They Might Be Giants)

Track listing

1Theme From Flood
2Birdhouse In Your Soul
3Lucky Ball & Chain
4Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
6Your Racist Friend
7Particle Man
9We Want A Rock
10Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
11Hearing Aid
12Minimum Wage
14Whistling In The Dark
15Hot Cha
16Women & Men
17Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
18They Might Be Giants
19Road Movie To Berlin

They Might Be Giants albums

1Apollo 18[ 1992 ]
2Factory Showroom[ 1996 ]
3Flood[ 1990 ]
4John Henry[ 1994 ]
5Lincoln[ 1988 ]
6Long Tall Weekend[ 1999 ]
7Mink Car[ 2001 ]
8Miscellaneous T[ 1993 ]
9The Else[ 2007 ]
10The Spine[ 2004 ]
11They Might Be Giants[ 1986 ]
1Apollo 18 (They Might Be Giants)
2Factory Showroom (They Might Be Giants)
3Flood (They Might Be Giants)
4John Henry (They Might Be Giants)
5Lincoln (They Might Be Giants)
6Long Tall Weekend (They Might Be Giants)
7Mink Car (They Might Be Giants)
8Miscellaneous T (They Might Be Giants)
9The Else (They Might Be Giants)
10The Spine (They Might Be Giants)
11They Might Be Giants (They Might Be Giants)

They Might Be Giants songs

121Operators Are Standing By [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]01:25
122Out Of Jail [from the "John Henry"]02:39
123Particle Man [from the "Flood"]01:59
124Pencil Rain [from the "Lincoln"]02:42
125Pet Name [from the "Factory Showroom"]04:04
126Piece Of Dirt [from the "Lincoln"]02:00
127Prevenge [from the "The Spine"]02:44
128Purple Toupee [from the "Lincoln"]02:40
129Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:12
130Rabid Child [from the "They Might Be Giants"]01:31
131Rat Patrol [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]02:05
132Reprehensible [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]03:18
133Rhythm Section Want Ad [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:23
134Road Movie To Berlin [from the "Flood"]02:22
135Santa's Beard [from the "Lincoln"]01:55
136Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love [from the "Flood"]01:36
137See The Constellation [from the "Apollo 18"]03:27
138S-E-X-X-Y [from the "Factory Showroom"]03:51
139She Thinks She's Edith Head [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]02:33
140She Thinks She's Edith Head [from the "Mink Car"]02:37
141She's Actual Size [from the "Apollo 18"]02:05
142She's An Angel [from the "They Might Be Giants"]02:37
143Shoehorn With Teeth [from the "Lincoln"]01:13
144Sleeping In The Flowers [from the "John Henry"]04:30
145Snail Shell [from the "John Henry"]03:21
146Snowball In Hell [from the "Lincoln"]02:31
147Someone Keeps Moving My Chair [from the "Flood"]02:23
148Space Suit [from the "Apollo 18"]01:36
149Spider [from the "Apollo 18"]00:50
150Spine [from the "The Spine"]00:33
151Spines [from the "The Spine"]00:30
152Spiraling Shape [from the "Factory Showroom"]04:25
153Spy [from the "John Henry"]03:06
154Stalk Of Wheat [from the "The Spine"]01:27
155Stand On Your Own Head [from the "Lincoln"]01:16
156Stomp Box [from the "John Henry"]01:55
157Subliminal [from the "John Henry"]02:45
158Take Out The Trash [from the "The Else"]03:14
159The Bells Are Ringing [from the "Factory Showroom"]03:32
160The Biggest One [from the "Miscellaneous T"]01:22
161The Cap'm [from the "The Else"]03:11
162The Day [from the "They Might Be Giants"]01:27
163The Edison Musem [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]02:00
164The End Of The Tour [from the "John Henry"]03:18
165The Famous Polka [from the "Miscellaneous T"]01:33
166The Guitar [from the "Apollo 18"]03:49
167The Mesopotamians [from the "The Else"]02:57
168The Shadow Government [from the "The Else"]02:37
169The Statue Got Me High [from the "Apollo 18"]03:06
170The World Before Later On [from the "The Spine"]01:52
171The World's Address [from the "Lincoln"]02:24
172The World's Address [from the "Miscellaneous T"]05:42
173Theme From Flood [from the "Flood"]00:27
174Thermostat [from the "John Henry"]03:11
175They Got Lost [from the "Long Tall Weekend"]04:40
176They Might Be Giants [from the "Flood"]02:45
177They'll Need A Crane [from the "Lincoln"]02:33
178Thunderbird [from the "The Spine"]02:38
179Till My Head Falls Off [from the "Factory Showroom"]02:53
180Toddler Hiway [from the "They Might Be Giants"]00:25

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) are an American alternative rock band.

Formed in 1982, they are best known for an unconventional and experimental style of alternative music. []


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  • Children's music
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