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Mistaken for Strangers (Single) by The National [2007] [album editions]

Mistaken for Strangers (Single) (The National)

Track listing

1Mistaken For Strangers
2Blank Slate
3Santa Clara

The National albums

1Abel (Single)[ 2005 ]
2Alligator[ 2007 ]
3Boxer[ 2007 ]
4Cherry Tree[ 2004 ]
5Lit Up (Single)[ 2005 ]
6Mistaken for Strangers (Single)[ 2007 ]
7Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers[ 2002 ]
8The National[ 2001 ]
1Abel (Single) (The National)
2Alligator (The National)
3Boxer (The National)
4Cherry Tree (The National)
5Lit Up (Single) (The National)
6Mistaken for Strangers (Single) (The National)
7Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers (The National)
8The National (The National)

The National songs

129 Years [from the "The National"]02:50
290-Mile Water Wall [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:44
3Abel [from the "Abel (Single)"]03:41
4Abel [from the "Alligator"]03:36
5About Today [from the "Cherry Tree"]04:10
6Ada [from the "Boxer"]04:03
7All Dolled-Up in Straps [from the "Cherry Tree"]04:11
8All The Wine [from the "Alligator"]03:15
9All the Wine [from the "Cherry Tree"]03:20
10American Mary [from the "The National"]04:02
11Anna Freud [from the "The National"]03:07
12Apartment Story [from the "Boxer"]03:32
13Available [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:20
14Baby, We'll Be Fine [from the "Alligator"]03:21
15Beautiful Head [from the "The National"]03:08
16Bitters & Absolut [from the "The National"]04:00
17Blank Slate [from the "Mistaken for Strangers (Single)"]03:17
18Brainy [from the "Boxer"]03:18
19Cardinal Song [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]06:18
20Cherry Tree [from the "Cherry Tree"]04:27
21City Middle [from the "Alligator"]04:27
22Cold Girl Fever [from the "The National"]04:06
23Daughters Of The Soho Riots [from the "Alligator"]03:58
24Driver, Surprise Me [from the "Abel (Single)"]03:20
25Fake Empire [from the "Boxer"]03:25
26Fashion Coat [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]02:02
27Friend Of Mine [from the "Alligator"]03:25
28Geese Of Beverly Road [from the "Alligator"]04:57
29Gospel [from the "Boxer"]04:29
30Green Gloves [from the "Boxer"]03:39
31Guest Room [from the "Boxer"]03:19
32It Never Happend [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]04:37
33John's Star [from the "The National"]03:04
34Karen [from the "Alligator"]03:59
35Keep It Upstairs [from the "Abel (Single)"]04:19
36Lit Up [from the "Alligator"]02:55
37Lit Up (Remix) [from the "Lit Up (Single)"]03:00
38Looking For Astronauts [from the "Alligator"]03:23
39Lucky You [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]04:22
40Mistaken For Strangers [from the "Boxer"]03:31
41Mistaken For Strangers [from the "Mistaken for Strangers (Single)"]03:31
42Mr. November [from the "Alligator"]03:57
43Murder Me Rachael [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:45
44Murder Me Rachael (Live) [from the "Cherry Tree"]03:36
45Patterns Of Fairytales [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:43
46Pay For Me [from the "The National"]03:22
47Racing Like a Pro [from the "Boxer"]03:24
48Reasonable Man (I Don't Mind) [from the "Cherry Tree"]05:21
49Santa Clara [from the "Mistaken for Strangers (Single)"]04:06
50Secret Meeting [from the "Alligator"]03:44
51Slipping Husband [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:22
52Slow Show [from the "Boxer"]04:08
53Son [from the "The National"]05:19
54Squalor Victoria [from the "Boxer"]02:59
55Start a War [from the "Boxer"]03:16
56Sugar Wife [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]02:21
57The Perfect Song [from the "The National"]03:15
58Theory of the Crows [from the "The National"]04:36
59Thirsty [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:48
60Trophy Wife [from the "Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers"]03:32

The National

The National

The National are a Brooklyn-based indie rock band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1999.

The band's lyrics are written and sung by Matt Berninger in a distinctive baritone. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Post-punk revival
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