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Win the Race (Single) by Modern Talking [2001] [album editions]

Win the Race (Single) (Modern Talking)

Track listing

1Win The Race (Radio Edit)
2Win The Race (Instrumental Version)
3Win The Race (Scooter Remix)
4Cinderella Girl
5Cinderella Girl (Instrumental Version)

Modern Talking albums

1America: The 10th Album[ 2001 ]
2Brother Louie `98[ 1998 ]
3Brother Louie `99 (UK DJ Only Promo Pack Version)[ 1999 ]
4Final Album[ 2003 ]
5Juliet (single)[ 2002 ]
6Last Exit to Brooklyn (Single)[ 2001 ]
7Ready for the Victory (single)[ 2002 ]
8Remix Album[ 2008 ]
9Win the Race (Single)[ 2001 ]
1America: The 10th Album (Modern Talking)
2Brother Louie `98 (Modern Talking)
3Brother Louie `99 (UK DJ Only Promo Pack Version) (Modern Talking)
4Final Album (Modern Talking)
5Juliet (single) (Modern Talking)
6Last Exit to Brooklyn (Single) (Modern Talking)
7Ready for the Victory (single) (Modern Talking)
8Remix Album (Modern Talking)
9Win the Race (Single) (Modern Talking)

Modern Talking songs

61Run to You [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
62Send Me a Letter from Heaven [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
63Sexy Sexy Lover [from the "Final Album"] 
64Sexy Sexy Lover (Extended Version) [from the "Remix Album"]05:00
65SMS to My Heart [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
66There's Something in the Air [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
67Tv Makes The Superstar (Extended Version) [from the "Remix Album"]05:05
68TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit) [from the "Final Album"]03:46
69Why Does It Feel So Good [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
70Win the Race [from the "Final Album"] 
71Win the Race [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
72Win The Race (Instrumental Version) [from the "Win the Race (Single)"] 
73Win The Race (Radio Edit) [from the "Win the Race (Single)"] 
74Win The Race (Scooter Remix) [from the "Win the Race (Single)"]04:44
75Witchqueen of Eldorado [from the "America: The 10th Album"] 
76You Are Not Alone [from the "Final Album"] 
77You Are Not Alone (Extended Version) [from the "Remix Album"]04:56
78You Can Win If You Want [from the "Final Album"] 
79You Can Win If You Want (Special Dance Version) [from the "Remix Album"]05:17
80You're My Heart, You're My Soul (1) [from the "Final Album"]03:09
81You're My Heart, You're My Soul (2) [from the "Final Album"]03:43

Modern Talking

Modern Talking

Modern Talking originated in 1984 as Modernes Gesprach. Its creator, Dieter Bohlen, decided to choose a young German pop singer, Bernd Weidung, to be his partner.

Bernd changed his name to Thomas Anders, and Modernes Gesprach became Modern Talking.


  • Disco,
  • Electronic music,
  • New wave,
  • Dance-pop
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