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Road Band by Woody Herman [2006] [album editions]

Road Band (Woody Herman)

Track listing

1Opus De-Funk
3I Remember Duke
4Sentimental Journey
5Cool Cat On a Hot Tin Roof
6Where Or When
7Captain Ahab
8I'll Never Be The Same

Woody Herman albums

1Apple Honey[ 2008 ]
2Blues on Parade[ 1998 ]
3Four Brothers[ 2004 ]
4Giant Steps[ 1994 ]
5Herman's Heat & Puente's Beat[ 1999 ]
6Jazz Masters 54[ 2004 ]
7Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers[ 2001 ]
8Mosaic Select[ 2009 ]
9Road Band[ 2006 ]
10The Thundering Herds 1945-1947[ 1995 ]
11Thundering Herd[ 1995 ]
1Apple Honey (Woody Herman)
2Blues on Parade (Woody Herman)
3Four Brothers (Woody Herman)
4Giant Steps (Woody Herman)
5Herman's Heat & Puente's Beat (Woody Herman)
6Jazz Masters 54 (Woody Herman)
7Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers (Woody Herman)
8Mosaic Select (Woody Herman)
9Road Band (Woody Herman)
10The Thundering Herds 1945-1947 (Woody Herman)
11Thundering Herd (Woody Herman)

Woody Herman songs

61Cool Cat On a Hot Tin Roof [from the "Road Band"]03:30
62Corazon [from the "Thundering Herd"]03:38
63Cousins [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]05:52
64Cousins [from the "Mosaic Select"]05:52
65Dallas Blues [from the "Blues on Parade"]03:00
66Days Of Wine And Roses [from the "Mosaic Select"]03:23
67Dear John C [from the "Mosaic Select"]05:56
68Dear John C. [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]05:54
69Deep Purple [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]03:48
70Deep Purple [from the "Mosaic Select"]03:48
71Dinah [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]05:07
72Doctor Jazz [from the "Blues on Parade"]02:59
73Don't Get Around Much Anymore [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]04:20
74Don't Get Around Much Anymore [from the "Mosaic Select"]04:20
75Down Under [from the "Blues on Parade"]02:48
76Down Under [from the "Apple Honey"]02:49
77Dr. Wong's Bag [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]06:43
78Dr. Wong's Bag [from the "Mosaic Select"]06:43
79Early Autumn [from the "Apple Honey"]03:14
80Early Autumn [from the "Four Brothers"]03:11
81El Toro Grande [from the "Mosaic Select"]04:49
82Everybody Loves Somebody [from the "Mosaic Select"]03:12
83Everything Happens to Me [from the "Blues on Parade"]03:14
84Fan It [from the "Blues on Parade"]03:00
85Farewell Blues [from the "Blues on Parade"]03:04
86Fire Island [from the "Herman's Heat & Puente's Beat"]04:05
87Four Brothers [from the "Apple Honey"]03:18
88Four Brothers [from the "The Thundering Herds 1945-1947"]03:18
89Four Brothers [from the "Four Brothers"]03:17
90Freedom Jazz Dance [from the "Giant Steps"]03:53
91Get Your Boots Laced, Papa, Pt. 1 [from the "Blues on Parade"]02:55
92Get Your Boots Laced, Papa, Pt. 2 [from the "Blues on Parade"]03:00
93Giant Steps [from the "Giant Steps"]04:03
94Gina [from the "Road Band"]02:57
95Goosey Gander [from the "Apple Honey"]03:25
96Goosey Gander [from the "The Thundering Herds 1945-1947"]03:24
97Goosey Gander [from the "Four Brothers"]03:24
98Hallelujah Time [from the "Mosaic Select"]03:26
99HI-FI Drums [from the "Apple Honey"]05:01
100I Can't Get Started [from the "Mosaic Select"]03:50
101I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]01:48
102I Hadn't Anyone 'Til You [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]03:51
103I Remember Duke [from the "Road Band"]03:32
104If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]02:39
105I'll Never Be The Same [from the "Road Band"]02:49
106I'll See You In My Dreams [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]03:46
107I'm Beginning to See the Light [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]03:47
108I'm Sitting on Top of the World [from the "Jazz Swinger & Music For Tired Lovers"]01:59
109It's A Lonesome Old Town (When You're Not Around) [from the "Mosaic Select"]03:05
110It's Coolin' Time [from the "Herman's Heat & Puente's Beat"]03:19
111Jazz Hoot [from the "Mosaic Select"]04:40
112Jazz Me Blues [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]03:03
113Jazz Me Blues [from the "Mosaic Select"]02:58
114Junior [from the "Apple Honey"]03:38
115Just Squeeze Me [from the "Mosaic Select"]05:02
116Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) [from the "Jazz Masters 54"]05:02
117Keen And Peachy [from the "Four Brothers"]02:49
118Keeper of the Flame [from the "Apple Honey"]03:04
119La Fiesta [from the "Giant Steps"]05:03
120Lady McGovan's Dream [from the "Apple Honey"]05:18

Woody Herman

Woody Herman

Woodrow Charles "Woody" Herman (1913 – 1987) was an American jazz clarinetist, saxophonist and singer.


  • Big band music,
  • Swing,
  • Cool jazz
  • Cool Cat On a Hot Tin Roof by Woody Herman

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