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The Ghost by Before the Dawn [2006] [album editions]

The Ghost (Before the Dawn)

Track listing

3Fade Away
5Angel's Tombstone
6Black Dawn
9Ghost Town

Before the Dawn albums

14:17 Am[ 2004 ]
2Deadlight[ 2008 ]
3My Darkness[ 2004 ]
4Rise of the Phoenix[ 2012 ]
5The Ghost[ 2006 ]
14:17 Am (Before the Dawn)
2Deadlight (Before the Dawn)
3My Darkness (Before the Dawn)
4Rise of the Phoenix (Before the Dawn)
5The Ghost (Before the Dawn)

Before the Dawn songs

1''...'' [from the "Deadlight"]04:13
24.16 am [from the "My Darkness"]04:18
3Alone [from the "My Darkness"]03:54
4Angel [from the "My Darkness"]02:45
5Angel's Tombstone [from the "The Ghost"]04:45
6Black Dawn [from the "The Ghost"]03:59
7Closure [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]03:44
8Cross To Bear [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]03:29
9Crush [from the "4:17 Am"]05:21
10Deadsong [from the "Deadlight"]03:22
11Deliverance (bonus track) [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]03:26
12Disappear [from the "The Ghost"]04:14
13Dreamer [from the "4:17 Am"]03:53
14Eclipse [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]05:38
15Enemy [from the "The Ghost"]04:22
16Eternal [from the "Deadlight"]04:01
17Exordium [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]01:27
18Fade Away [from the "4:17 Am"]04:00
19Fade Away [from the "The Ghost"]03:32
20Faithless [from the "Deadlight"]03:15
21Fallen World [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]04:21
22Father And Song [from the "My Darkness"]04:20
23Fear Me [from the "Deadlight"]04:30
24Ghost Town [from the "The Ghost"]03:12
25Guardian [from the "Deadlight"]04:40
26Heaven [from the "4:17 Am"]04:15
27Hiding [from the "4:17 Am"]04:33
28Human Hatred [from the "My Darkness"]03:54
29Into You [from the "4:17 Am"]06:19
30Intro [from the "My Darkness"]01:07
31Morning Sun [from the "Deadlight"]04:51
32My Darkness [from the "My Darkness"]04:16
33My Room [from the "4:17 Am"]05:17
34Nowhere [from the "The Ghost"]05:21
35Perfect Storm [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]04:42
36Phoenix Rising [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]04:42
37Pitch-Black Universe [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]04:43
38Reflection (Demo 2000) (bonus track) [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]05:22
39Reign Of Fire [from the "Deadlight"]03:15
40Repentance [from the "The Ghost"]03:24
41Scar [from the "The Ghost"]04:28
42Seed [from the "4:17 Am"]04:17
43Seraphim [from the "My Darkness"]03:20
44Star Of Fire [from the "Deadlight"]03:17
45Stormbringer [from the "The Ghost"]03:27
46Take My Pain [from the "My Darkness"]04:06
47The Black [from the "4:17 Am"]04:34
48Throne Of Ice [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]06:30
49Unbreakable [from the "My Darkness"]03:29
50Unbreakable (2012 version) (bonus track) [from the "Rise of the Phoenix"]03:17
51Undone [from the "My Darkness"]04:05
52Vengeance [from the "4:17 Am"]04:19
53Wrath [from the "Deadlight"]04:08

Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn

Before The Dawn was a metal band from Finland, started in 1999 by Tuomas Saukkonen.


  • Melodic death metal,
  • Gothic metal,
  • Death/Doom metal
  • Black Dawn by Before the Dawn

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