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Svartalvheim by Ancient [1994] [album editions]

Svartalvheim (Ancient)

Track listing

2Trumps Of An Archangel
4The Call Of The Absu Deep
5Det Glemte Riket
6Paa Evig Vandring
7Ved Trolltjern
8Eerily Howling Winds

Ancient albums

1Det Glemte Riket[ 1994 ]
2Eerily Howling Winds[ 1993 ]
3Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes[ 2005 ]
4God Loves The Dead[ 2001 ]
5Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends[ 1997 ]
6Night Visit[ 2004 ]
7Proxima Centauri[ 2001 ]
8Svartalvheim[ 1994 ]
9The Cainian Chronicle[ 1996 ]
10The Halls of Eternity[ 1999 ]
11Trolltaar[ 1995 ]
12True Kings of Norway[ 2000 ]
1Det Glemte Riket (Ancient)
2Eerily Howling Winds (Ancient)
3Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes (Ancient)
4God Loves The Dead (Ancient)
5Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (Ancient)
6Night Visit (Ancient)
7Proxima Centauri (Ancient)
8Svartalvheim (Ancient)
9The Cainian Chronicle (Ancient)
10The Halls of Eternity (Ancient)
11Trolltaar (Ancient)
12True Kings of Norway (Ancient)

Ancient songs

61Paa Evig Vandring [from the "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes"]08:07
62Part I - The Curse [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]04:47
63Part II - Lilith's Embrace [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]06:14
64Part III & IV - Disciplines Of Caine/Zillah And The Crone [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]02:45
65Ponderous Moonlighting [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]02:22
66Powerslave (Iron Maiden cover) [from the "God Loves The Dead"]08:00
67Prophecy Of Gehenna [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]04:03
68Proxima Centauri [from the "Proxima Centauri"]04:36
69Raabjшrn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde (Dimmu Borgir) [from the "True Kings of Norway"]05:02
70Rape The Children Of Abel [from the "Night Visit"]05:25
71Satan's Children [from the "Proxima Centauri"]05:31
72Sleeping Princess of the Arges [from the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends"]06:31
73Song Of Kaiaphas [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]01:36
74Spiritual Supremacy [from the "The Halls of Eternity"]05:08
75Svartalvheim [from the "Svartalvheim"]01:23
76The Ancient Horadrim [from the "Proxima Centauri"]04:50
77The Ancient Queen (Emperor) [from the "True Kings of Norway"]03:41
78The Arctic Mirage (Bonus) [from the "Night Visit"]02:34
79The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors [from the "The Halls of Eternity"]05:21
80The Call Of The Absu Deep [from the "Eerily Howling Winds"]05:26
81The Call Of The Absu Deep [from the "Svartalvheim"]05:29
82The Call of the Absu Deep [from the "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes"]05:29
83The Cold Winds of Funeral Frost (Immortal) [from the "True Kings of Norway"]03:44
84The Draining [from the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends"]05:25
85The Draining (Remix) [from the "God Loves The Dead"]05:28
86The Emerald Tablet [from the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends"]07:13
87The Halls Of Eternity [from the "The Halls of Eternity"]09:35
88The Heritage [from the "The Halls of Eternity"]08:10
89The Pagan Cycle [from the "The Cainian Chronicle"]07:28
90The Truth Unveiled [from the "Night Visit"]07:40
91The Witch [from the "Proxima Centauri"]04:15
92Trolltaar [from the "Trolltaar"]06:18
93Trolltaar [from the "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes"]06:12
94Trolltaar - 2000 [from the "God Loves The Dead"]06:39
95Trumps Of An Archangel [from the "Svartalvheim"]03:50
96Trumps of an Archangel [from the "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes"]03:53
97Um Sonho Psycodelico [from the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends"]04:00
98Um Sonho Psycodelico (Remix) [from the "God Loves The Dead"]04:01
99Unholy Forces of Evil (Immortal) [from the "True Kings of Norway"]04:27
100Vampirize Natasha [from the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends"]02:33
101Ved Trolltjern [from the "Svartalvheim"]04:21
102Willothewisp [from the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends"]07:22
103Witches' Sabbath (Emperor) [from the "True Kings of Norway"]05:56



Ancient is a Norwegian black metal band from Eidsvåg, Nesset, formed in 1992. []


  • Black metal
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