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Hook Me Up by The Veronicas [2007] [album editions]

Hook Me Up (The Veronicas)

Track listing

2Hook Me Up
3This Is How It Feels
4This love
5I Can't Stay Away
6Take Me On The Floor
7I Don't Wanna Wait
9Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)
10Someone Wake Me Up
11All I Have
12In Another Life
13Hook Me Up Album (Track By Track)

The Veronicas albums

1Hook Me Up[ 2007 ]
2Now Autumn 2008[ 2008 ]
3The Secret Life of...[ 2005 ]
4The Veronicas[ 2014 ]
1Hook Me Up (The Veronicas)
2Now Autumn 2008 (Various artists)
3The Secret Life of... (The Veronicas)
4The Veronicas (The Veronicas)

The Veronicas songs

14ever [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:34
2A Teardrop Hitting the Ground [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:14
3All I Have [from the "Hook Me Up"]03:12
4Always [from the "The Veronicas"]03:10
5Born Bob Dylan [from the "The Veronicas"]03:38
6Cold [from the "The Veronicas"]03:54
7Cruel [from the "The Veronicas"]03:43
8Did Ya Think [from the "The Secret Life of..."]02:45
9Did You Miss Me (I'm a Veronica) [from the "The Veronicas"]02:45
10Everything I'm Not [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:22
11Heavily Broken [from the "The Secret Life of..."]04:17
12Hook Me Up [from the "Hook Me Up"]02:55
13Hook Me Up Album (Track By Track) [from the "Hook Me Up"]07:33
14How Long [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:53
15I Can't Stay Away [from the "Hook Me Up"]03:26
16I Could Get Used to This [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:16
17I Don't Wanna Wait [from the "Hook Me Up"]02:59
18If You Love Someone [from the "The Veronicas"]03:00
19In Another Life [from the "Hook Me Up"]03:47
20Leave Me Alone [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:32
21Let Me Out [from the "The Veronicas"]04:45
22Line of Fire [from the "The Veronicas"]03:06
23Mad Love [from the "The Veronicas"]03:30
24More Like Me [from the "The Veronicas"]03:40
25Mother Mother [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:07
26Mouth Shut [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:39
27Nobody Wins [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:53
28Popular [from the "Hook Me Up"]02:42
29Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) [from the "Hook Me Up"]03:42
30Revolution [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:06
31Sanctified [from the "The Veronicas"]03:19
32Secret [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:34
33Someone Wake Me Up [from the "Hook Me Up"]03:33
34Speechless [from the "The Secret Life of..."]04:02
35Take Me On The Floor [from the "Hook Me Up"]03:30
36Teenage Millionaire [from the "The Veronicas"]03:25
37This Is How It Feels [from the "Hook Me Up"]04:11
38This love [from the "Hook Me Up"]02:59
39Untouched [from the "Hook Me Up"]04:14
40Untouched - The Veronicas [from the "Now Autumn 2008"]04:15
41When It All Falls Apart [from the "The Secret Life of..."]03:16
42You and Me [from the "The Veronicas"]03:35
43You Ruin Me [from the "The Veronicas"]03:51

The Veronicas - top artists list [#604]

The Veronicas

The Veronicas are an Australian pop duo from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 2005 by identical twin sisters Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso. []


  • Pop rock,
  • Electropop,
  • Pop punk,
  • Dance-pop
  • Untouched by The Veronicas

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