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Electric by The Cult [1987] [album editions]

Electric (The Cult)

Track listing

1Wild Flower
2Peace Dog
3Lil' Devil
4Aphrodisiac Jacket
5Electric Jacket
6Bad Fun
7King Contrary Man
8Love Removal Machine
9Born To Be Wild
11Memphis Hip Shake

The Cult albums

1Beyond Good and Evil[ 2001 ]
2Born into This[ 2007 ]
3Ceremony[ 1991 ]
4Choice of Weapon[ 2012 ]
5Dreamtime[ 1984 ]
6Electric[ 1987 ]
7Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
8Hidden City[ 2016 ]
9Love[ 1985 ]
10Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
11Sonic Temple[ 1989 ]
12The Cult[ 1994 ]
1Beyond Good and Evil (The Cult)
2Born into This (The Cult)
3Ceremony (The Cult)
4Choice of Weapon (The Cult)
5Dreamtime (The Cult)
6Electric (The Cult)
7Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Hidden City (The Cult)
9Love (The Cult)
10Small Soldiers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
11Sonic Temple (The Cult)
12The Cult (The Cult)

The Cult songs

61Indian [from the "Ceremony"]04:53
62Joy [from the "The Cult"]04:46
63King Contrary Man [from the "Electric"]03:12
64Libertine [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]04:28
65Life Death [from the "Choice of Weapon"]05:32
66Lil' Devil [from the "Electric"]02:44
67Lilies [from the "Hidden City"]04:16
68Little Face [from the "Love"]04:54
69Love [from the "Love"]05:29
70Love Removal Machine [from the "Electric"]04:17
71Love Removal Machine - The Cult [from the "Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)"] 
72Lucifer [from the "Choice of Weapon"]04:40
73Medicine Train [from the "Sonic Temple"]04:41
74Memphis Hip Shake [from the "Electric"]04:01
75My Bridges Burn [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]04:08
76Naturally High [from the "The Cult"]04:23
77New York City [from the "Sonic Temple"]04:41
78Nico [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]04:49
79Nirvana [from the "Love"]05:27
80No Love Lost [from the "Hidden City"]03:13
81Outlaw [from the "Electric"]02:52
82Painted On My Heart - The Cult [from the "Gone in 60 Seconds (Soundtrack)"]04:25
83Peace Dog [from the "Electric"]03:34
84Phoenix [from the "Love"]05:06
85Rain [from the "Love"]03:57
86Real Grrrl [from the "The Cult"]04:26
87Revolution [from the "Love"]05:27
88Rider in the Snow [from the "Dreamtime"]03:11
89Rise [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]03:39
90Sacred Life [from the "The Cult"]05:47
91Saints Are Down [from the "The Cult"]06:56
92Savages [from the "Born into This"]03:54
93Savages (Full Length Version) [from the "Born into This"]04:31
94Shape the Sky [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]03:29
95She Sells Sanctuary [from the "Love"]04:22
96Siberia [from the "Choice of Weapon"]03:36
97Soldier Blue [from the "Sonic Temple"]04:36
98Soul Asylum [from the "Sonic Temple"]07:26
99Sound and Fury [from the "Hidden City"]03:54
100Sound of Destruction [from the "Born into This"]03:30
101Sound of Destruction (Demo) [from the "Born into This"]04:25
102Speed of Light [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]04:22
103Spiritwalker [from the "Dreamtime"]03:39
104Stand Alone [from the "Born into This"]05:13
105Star [from the "The Cult"]05:02
106Sun King [from the "Sonic Temple"]06:09
107Sweet Salvation [from the "Ceremony"]05:25
108Sweet Soul Sister [from the "Sonic Temple"]05:08
109Take the Power [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]03:55
110The Saint [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]03:36
111The Wolf [from the "Choice of Weapon"]03:33
112This Night In The City Forever [from the "Choice of Weapon"]04:45
113Tiger in the Sun [from the "Born into This"]05:07
114True Believers [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]05:08
115Universal You [from the "The Cult"]05:17
116Until The Light Takes Us [from the "Choice of Weapon"]04:19
117Wake Up Time For Freedom [from the "Sonic Temple"]05:17
118War (The Process) [from the "Beyond Good and Evil"]04:12
119War Pony Destroyer [from the "Born into This"]04:20
120White [from the "Ceremony"]07:56

The Cult

The Cult

The Cult are a British rock band formed in 1983. []


  • Post-punk,
  • Gothic rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
  • Love Removal Machine by The Cult

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